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October 05, 2008


I was at a party last night that included, among other things, the celebration of a birthday of a person whom, out of respect for his privacy, i will not identify (my son, Rob). His friends had a special cake made for him. It was about four feet long. Here's a CrapCam photo:


The question asked most often by the party guests was: "Where do you stick the candles?" The other question was where to start cutting. Make of this what you will:



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So where did you stick the candles?

Well, I guess they all just wanted a piece of...er...nevermind.

They stuck the candles where you are thinking they stuck the candles.

Now there's nowhere to stick the dollar bills.

Presumably, the first, eh, piece went to the birthday boy? Well played, sir. Kudos!

Will we be seeing the making of this masterpiece on "Ace of Cakes After Dark"?

I had no idea Siouxie was doing cake modeling!

Oh! And Happy Birthday to Rob!

Happy Birthday, Rob! Hope you got the piece you wanted.

Ah yes, how negligent of me, sorry: Happy Birthday, Rob!

(I was distracted by the sight of the Dolphins with a 14 point lead.)

well, happy birthday to rob, hope it wasnt a half-a$$ed party.....

today, I'm a huge Dolphins fan.

I also like pieces of... um... cake!

refrains from making unladylike comments in regard to what the cake may have tasted like.

happy birthday rob!

how 'bout dem fins!

caviar cake.

*Refuses to inquire about the filling*

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Yay, Rob!! Happy birthday!!!

Hey, maybe we'll get lucky and he'll come by here today!

happy birthday rob! you've got good friends. seems like they really look out for your a$$.


Go Bucs! (sorry Wyo and WD; yeah, Wyo, we're on for a BlogBet when the Jags visit)

Go Jags! (srew ya, Steelers fans!)

Happy Birfday, Rob!!

Honey?? Does this frosting make my butt look big???

cj, you're on for a bottle of adult beverage, but we've gotta share it, face to face. should be fun.


Lay her cake?

Well, fishing is always good, but how's about the AFC Championship Game, instead?

That was an interesting game, against Tampa; your defense is looking tough. Next Sunday, we have to meet in Mile High, but first we gotta face a beat-up Steelers team, tonight. I actually like the Steelers, but the Jags have a bit of a thing with them, left over from when they were both in the AFC Central.

aw, Dave! it seems like just yesterday that you were embardelighting lil' Rob with Weiner Mobile™ visits. i would love to have seen your face as he blew out the candles on that cake.

Happy Birthday Rob!

(and WTG! paybacks can be the best part of growing up! ;)

Like we say in the upper Midwest, "As the twig is bent, the apples don't fall far from the horse."

Cheeky monkey.

No chocolate cake? Missed an opportunity there.

Happy birthday, Rob!

those were not candles, sir. they were sparklers!

Happy birfday to rob!

are you sayin', judi, that "once you've had chocolate, you'll never go back?"

just askin'.

Was that butt cream frosting?


Happy booty - er, birthday - Rob!

made from a duncan hiney hines mix?

Did you get it at Derriere Queen?

just for the record, I still want a piece.

just sayin'

So...where ARE the candles?

The haunch of the cake is always the best part.

wherever the candles are, you should "stay close to the candles, the stairway can be tweatchouwous!"

insom, either that or Betty Cracker.

Could it be a.... Schwartzwald Kirchetart...oops, I mean, tort?

change the e to u in Betty and it works even better.

A bun-dt cake?

I hate when somebody puts sparklers in my thong.

me too, cj. trust me on that one.

"Put ... the candle .... back!"

sory, cj, it is the NFL

and free-agency has created a level of parity... on any Sunday.

Wow! Who'd have thunk the Steelers were gonna put up that many points and the Jags would have to use base defense, even against 3 or 5 wide receivers? Roethlesberger is flat amazing!

Ok, Wyo, we'll see you next week. It's late, Back East.

The altitude's gonna catch them at Mile High, (Invesco.

snork at meanie!

snork at meanie for the young fraaankenstein ref.

CAKE! Somebody hand me a straw- I'm gonna do some liposuction!

Sorry for my long absence- been working hard to pay for the flight to MiYami and the HUNT! (Smooch to Siouxie! I've got a very special vintage auctioned off by a prominent wine snot/pediatrician here in Georgia that I can't wait to bring!)

Dave is still sleeping off the hangover, apparently.

Smooch ddd!! WOO HOOO! Vintange vino! No boxed wine for us.

And vintage too. I is learning to have more coffee before posting.

*waves at ddd!* Loooooooooong time no see! Hope you are well. :)

Oh, and *SNORK* @ "liposuction!!" Hahahahahaha!! :D

*Waves @ DDD, Diva and Siouxie!!!*

*Waves buns @ Hammie!!!* Sorry - they're a little sticky....

Be happy it was a woman!

Don't suppose the other side of the cake was decorated with the other side of...no? Oh well, just askin'...

Happy birthday Rob! I'm taking a wild stab that you're over 10 years old...

You made it onto Cake Wrecks.

(For the record, I'm not the woman who runs that blog. Just a fan.)

OMG, Rob must be what, 28, 29 now? I still think of him as a toddler! If I recall correctly, he was two and obsessed with turtles when I first started reading your column in the Daily Local News. I was in high school at the time. Suddenly I feel very, very old.

At least he'll always be able to say he got a piece of tasty a$$ on his birthday. Happy Birthday Rob!

Classy. LOL

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