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October 28, 2008


(Thanks to Jeff Arch)


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Thanks for what? Releasing a new version or having fewer popups?

You have to purchase the "Not As Annoying" version of it though.

Don't worry, it'll probably be something you can do online, with only a 850 MB download, a few reboots, one wave of a dead chicken over the computer, and you'll be good to go.

Oh boy. Won't it be fun buying my son a laptop for college next fall. I bet "Win7" won't be out yet, and I won't be able to find an old WinXP machine, so I'll be trapped into buying a Vista-infected one.


(Please don't mention the word "Apple" to me - I'd be happy to get a MacBook but son refuses.)

You know how I dealt with Vista? By sticking with XP. Saved myself more headaches than when I ignored Windows ME. Just blow off every other major OS revamp from these jokers, and you should be good.

I'm annoyed by that.

Guin - The new MacBooks all use Intel chips. So if you buy VMWare ($80 at most college bookstores) your new Mac laptop can also run Windows. But why would anyone want to? People who refuse to use a Mac have often never tried one. I use both at work, and my Mac has zero viruses, and has never crashed hard enough to require a reboot. My Windows system, on the other hand? It locks up a few times a week (Probably because it sees the Mac Mini sitting next to it on my desk....)

Oy. Dave-NotAComputerperson-Barry missed the original article in PC World, that unfortunately ran next to an ad from Dell that led with, "Why are you waiting on the switch to Vista?"

Meanwhile, get the joke? Azure is the name of the new OS? As in Blue Screen of Death? Actually, this new system is slimmed down and better, but it's web-based - you have to constantly update it and never actually own your own copy. I'll stick with XP. Guin, you can still get XP, installed on new laptops and PCs, so don't feel pressured, yet.

A timely article from the Onion:


I, for one, believe them completely.

I have to admit, I honestly don't get all the bad press that Vista has received. I've been using it for the past year on my Dell Vostro notebook, and I haven't had any more headaches with it than I've had with any other OS (including Linux). I actually really like Vista. It's worked flawlessly with all of my software and hardware, with the exception of the video driver (which I actually blame Dell for, and not MS Vista).

I, for one, am sending Schadeboy my Vista!

And Bill, a bill for my Excedrin.

Advance test version, with enhanced blogging features, can be viewed here.

Schadeboy - me, too. No major issues here.

CP's link

Doesn't the MS in MSNBC stand for MicroSoft?

So how can we expect unbiased reporting on this product from this network?

MtB: ppphhhbbbttt!

obs: Har! I completely missed that.

Why not name the new OS... Windows Orange?

Because, you just cant compare Apples and Oranges.

Nice, Tony.

Y'all, sorry I've been slackassin', but today I saw that the Jonas Bros are supposed to be starring in the film version of "Walter The Farting Dog". Do all y'all already know that? (I've been out of pocket for awhile and haven't been able to go back far enough on the blog yet.)

Windows 7 builds in more support for gestures


...and now I feel really stupid because I thought Dave wrote that. hmmmmm....I'll be going back to my cave now. (Yeesh.)

*zaps in*

*waves & hugs @ bali!!!*

Good to have you back, amiga.

Hola, Sioux! (Lemme just blame my lapse on my stroke!)

stroke schmoke! I lapse all the time!

YOU my dear friend, need to get your sh!t together and get to Miami soon! We missed you at the HUNT.

Hey, bali - I thought the same thing. The title is misleading. Walter, farting...that's our Dave's area of expootease.

** WAVES!!! ** at Bali! Hey, gurl! Missed you, and hope you're doing better! It's been typical Dave fare since the last time you posted, so you haven't missed much should go back through the archives!... Unless, of course, your doctor has told you to stay away from SNORKING for a while!!

I love you guys!

I've been trying since April to download Vista Service Pack 1, the latest news from Microsoft is that I need to download Service Pack 1 which fixes the problem of not being able to download Service Pack 1.

It's not annoying, it's a feature.


PirateBoy - my son has a lot of music-recording software that is Windows-specific (his recording devices for his electric guitar plug into his computer, etc), and he refuses to try out a Mac. Alas. Try reasoning with an 18-year-old musician!

Guin - a sidenote (har) on your son's music - he may have to be compatible with other people's equipment. If he switches to a MAC system, that could create many nightmares. So it might not just be him. Or it could be. ;)

Forgive me for jumping in late - this was posted on Bill Gates' birthday :-)

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