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October 30, 2008


(Thanks to Danny, who asks, "Who among us would judge a restaurant because of phlegmburgers?")

Here's another version, thanks to Siouxie.


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Yay, Siouxie got posted!!!
Oh, and Danny, also.

Tappe said she also fired another cook, 33-year-old James Ladesma, who was charged as an accomplice.

Why would you need an accomplice to spit on a hamburger and wipe the bun on your a$$?

And isn't wiping buns on your buns redundant?

I don't care about the phlemburgers. I care about the cheeseburgers.

Still better than tofu burgers

Hacking loogies just ain't kosher. Although it's nearly unavoidable when saying 'Hasidic.'

You should try l'chaim.

But, it took a lot of ccccchhhhhutzpah, too.

Ugh! This bloghhh is getting yuchhhhy.


Hmmm, don't I recall something like this from Fried Green Tomatoes? And, of course, Jesse Jackson.

"Jaime is our best cook," said Andy's Landing General Manager Tiffany Tappe.

Check, please!

phlegmburger in paradise
better hope like hell the cook don't have lice
who knows what's lurking under a tomato slice
it's just a phlegmburger in paradise

i like mine with fresh penicillin
surgical mask and no nasal fillin'
a few booster shots and nothing to fear
last time we ate eat ,darn near puked for a year!


*applauds insom!*

*runs off to find parrot hat*

*flaps fin @ insom*!

Had a poli-sci teacher at Fordham who always had a bubbly fleck of spittle perched right on the tip of his lip. No one ever sat in the front row, for obvious reasons. I don't remember a thing he said - just waited for the spittle to take wing.

just waiting for the other drop to 'shoo', annie?

*schnork* @ insom!

You stay classy, Texas.

You stay classy, Texas.

Would you like thighs with that?

Would you like thighs with that?

Huh, Annie. You went to Fordham? One of our country's truly great schools. I'm impressed. The best I could manage was UF, but in fairness, we were terrible in football, back then. I tried for the Naval Academy, but refused to cut my hair.

Because I'm an idiot.

CJ - to be honest, I think it was over-rated, at least while I was there. I had a 4.0, and got into advanced classes just to keep from dying of boredom. Very little class participation - kids were like 'give me my C and get me out of here.' Transferred to SUNY Albany. Believe it or not, THAT was more of a challenge.

Some awesome teachers, though.

Double whammy for insom! Nicely played!

1/2 way to Vegas is Baker, Ca. Population is probably 2500, at best. But their claim to fame used to be a diner called "The Bun Boy". Next tme I stop in that town, I am so not eating there. But I hear their Prison Burgers are half off....

*spitsnork* @ the lot of you!!!

Good morning!

*sets out platter of cinnaminum buns & pot of blog coffee*


Morning, Siouxie!
*swipes cinnamimimum bun*
What kind of icing is this?

Yipes! You're up early, Annie.

G'head...it's phlegm phree ;-P

Actually, I'm up late. Just getting to bed. Kinda. It's all good, though. If I can just figure out what 'it' is.

Well good nite then...sleep tight!!

thank you! Carry on. No spitting on the cinnaminions, please.


I Don't know how to do a link :(

But would this be the *new* secret ingredient of the week so far?

I'm jealous, they almost never do this for us firefighters...

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