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October 28, 2008


Here are some swinging Japanese rock-'n'-roll hep cats getting down and funky for Obama. If there is a comparable hepcat Japanese video for McCain, we will be happy to post it. (As of now, we don't know which candidate has the support of Kikkoman.)

(Thanks to Dan Traylor)


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This story in the Chicago Trib goes along with this concept.

It's a travelog.


Which reminds me (not to get political but) the whole Obama juggernaut reminds me a little too much of the Twilight Zone's famous "To Serve Man" episode, only it's "To Serve Obama."

"I've completed the translation -- don't get on the ship - It's a travelog!!"

Too late.


What else can I say but "Wow!" Enthusiasm for the Democratic candidate married to the unstoppable, infectious fun of J-Pop. Who could ask for anything more?

I particularly like the group hug.

Change you can bereave in?

Wow! That Japanese comedian's impression is impeccable.

Woah! Too early and not enough coffee for THIS!

I'm voting for change: Dave Barry for Prez!

(and yes, I still have my bumper sticker proudly displayed on my car. Thanks, Judi)

Wow. I made it almost 2/3 of the way through before I had to make it stop.

*ponders Mr. gjd at a Japanese karaoke bar this evening*

SW - wasn't that "cookbook" or am I missing something?

Oh gjd! If you only made it 2/3 of the way through, you might have missed the mock slow-motion fight and group hug reconciliation. You owe it to yourself to see that part.

Well, that did the trick. Now I know who I am voting for!

why does that guy have a dolphin on his head? what is it's porpoise?

If anyone has made it to the end, and can assure me that a Godzilla foot comes down on them all in the last 10 seconds, then I will watch that to the end.

Otherwise, no.

Okay, I'd settle for them all being roasted by radioactive Godzilla fire breath. But that's my final offer. And if there is even one survivor, the deal's off.

That was, yeah!

I thought the drummer was especially engaged with the message.

Aaand now I'm ready to start drinking again.

We're filming a music video at my house this Saturday. Really. My worst fear is that it show up on Dave's blog to be mocked. I could probably handle almost anything else.

Dammit! Now I'm singing it.

Hey, Chumbucket, LTNS! Hope the move went okay, and we were cheering for ya on "Jeopardy!" (If I ever make the cut for that show, I hope I can count on you for some pointers...)

Annie, I know I'm not the only one looking forward to that blog entry.

Meaning the one you're going to write... right?

*pencils in blog-mockin' for Saturday*


Annie-Where Killed The Patio Cover

Holy crap! What drugs are THEY taking? (I want some!) Brrrrraaappppp! *oh excuse me*

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