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October 30, 2008


Boy finds cheetah in his garden

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Hmmm, let me think about that. No.

That little boy was lucky it wasn't a cougar.

When he came rushing in from the garden, his mother thought he was lion?

What good would it do to flee from a cheetah? They run 65 mph. Even a car might have trouble getting away.

...the cheetah bit chunks out of the saddle and ripped the tyres with its claws....

Apparently reluctant to return home, Akea tried to bite and scratch the handlers as they put the harness on....

"Akea was happily playing with a bicycle, which must have reminded him of one of his toys. He wouldn't pose any danger, and his reaction to strangers would be the same as a pet dog, either a friendly greeting or a guarded retreat."

Hmmmm....someone is fibbing.

The speed limit is 65 miles peh houah. If you go fasteh than that, you ah a cheetah.

They can run fast, but when they get on a bicycle watch out!

Kid say he spot cheetah. I say cheetah already spotted.

Here kitty kitty....WHOA!!!!!!!!!

Hey, bikes can be Cheetahs,too.

Report: Two Chevy Impalas were found totally disabled and torn apart on separate streets in Cambridgeshire today. Authorities are investigating .....

snork @ Meanie!

*Snorks*@ All Y'all!

Cheetahs never prosper.

But sometimes they escape and wreak havoc.

Not THAT kind of cougar!...

"Mommy, mommy, there's a cheetah in the backyard!"
"A Cheetoh?"
"No, a cheetah! Hurry, he's gonna get me!"
"Hmmm...must be the crunchy kind."

>I ordered a dresser...

Which one?

Felines. Wo, wo wo, felines....

Haven't you heard
About the boy
Findin' the cheetah?

He went all screamin'
to his mum
But she'd been eaten

--Bob Kuban and the _________________.

My Mom was in advertising for about 4 decades. One of her clients was Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. The group had a cheetah named Khayam that went out to visit groups and be on television with the trainer who raised the animal.

The ad office was the best place for the animal to hang out if the schedule had gaps in activity. During one of the gaps, I was able to take the bus to downtown to meet the cheetah.

The difference between a growl and a purr is pretty obvious when you pet a cat that large. The cat was very friendly and seemed quite amused when she made humans lose control of their bowels or urinary tracts -- something that happened on occasion in the elevator. My job was to clear the elevator for the return trip. Coming into the building had already created a few puddles on the sidewalk that were decidedly human in origin.

The trainer told the story that she would take the cheetah onto the backroads around the Safari and drive along at 65ish at set times and days that were known to the local police. Pretty much everyone knew that the cheetah needed to stretch her legs a couple of times a week. Everyone, that is, except for the police officer who was covering for the regular cop's vacation and was the butt of a prank.

The trainer took the cheetah to Africa at one point. The cheetah was able to go from Spokescreature to hunter in about ten seconds when given the opportunity.

Cheetahs aren't much smaller than Great Dane Lab mixes, btw.

Now THAT's a "take your kid to work day"!

Even the Six Million Dollar Man topped out about 60MPH, right? Geezers?

Oh, and CatR, apparently they wear less at Cheetah's here in San Diego. Big bribery to-do here a couple years back, too.

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