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October 27, 2008


The #1 item on every news program tonight is the coming cold snap. Temperatures tonight are expected to dip below 60 degrees.

We will update you tomorrow, assuming we make it through the night.


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It was only 84 here today in Kalifornia. Winter is coming, fast! Soon I may have to even close the window! (Shudder, not shutter)

P'Boy is right - it was nearly down to 80 here today. Brrrrr!!! Must be all the friction from the San Andreas fault keeping us warm. Or the Santa Anas, aka 'Mother Nature's Menopause.'

I had friends visiting from Florida. They couldn't believe the heat here in SoCal.

(opens windows)

(goes to bed enjoying the cool air)

(jumps bolt upright at the sound of cats yowling and fighting through the screens)

(runs and shuts windows)

(kicks the cats)

(goes back to bed)

It's phuking fweezing! It will be in the 40s, tomorrow morning (ok, not fweezing), but those are temps we associate with January or February. It's cold.

I can handle cold, but not pleasntly. I don't feel very pleasant, just now. I may have to close the windows.

Amateurs. It snowed here in Chicago today. Not much, and it didn't stick, but there were a few minutes of flurries.

Flurries. Cutesy word for "time to get the winter coats out".

Daytime temperature has plumeted down into the 70's here in sunny southern arizona, and I'm way to cold to be funny. I already pulled out my winter leather for riding in to work every morning. Quite a switch from childhood in upstate NY. Hope ya'll survive the cold snap.

ps - daisymae - be glad it was cats. we had a coyote howling under our open window a couple weeks ago. THAT'S a fun way to wake up in the middle of the night!

When I woke up this morning, it was a balmy 16.

y'all need to cowboy up.

Wyo speaks for us in Colorado. Even though we enjoy about a + 20 degree advantage over Wyoming, he's right -- quit whining, folks. How many of you live with two different sorts of shovels on your porch every winter?

Another gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest. Went for the most incredible hike yesterday up by Mount Hood. I mean, it's worth flying to Oregon just to take this hike, seriously.

The 60s? A heat wave! It got down in the 40s down here in the Champaign area today. We darn near had to think about putting our bathing suits away for the season.

Yeah, Cat, I saw those snow floozies just before 5:00. A slight surprise, since it was still ~36 at the time. Down to 28 now. Might need to wear a jacket if I'll be outside for more than an hour, I guess. When it's windy anyway, like it was today.

Got some nice pictures of fall color over near Nordstrom in Oak Brook this morning. Sun was shining then.

That doggone story about Choochy seems to be the best of the wurst. Well, PB's pun there comes in a close second. Glad he's got a leg-up on all of us.

Now playing: RHCP, featuring Flea as lead vocalist.

OK, why do y'all live where words like "snow", "ice" and "shovel" are used, frequently? When Mrs. PB bought me an ice scraper, I thought it was some type of toy. I'd never even held one before. But the 3 annual days of snow we get where I live (3" total last year!) make such things necessary!

Yay!!!!! The A.C. has been turned off and the windows are wide open. This kind of weather in the fall/winter months is why I moved from Detroit to Florida.

Several of us, including Cat R and Not My Usual Alias live west of Daleyville, aka (and I am not making this up) Chicagoland. I used to live in Houston, and it did snow 3 whole times there one winter. I think it involved the number '72' but I might have that confused with an answer to this year's Hunt. Or possibly something to do with compound interest.

KS hit about 50 today. Perfect window open, sweater wearing weather. The trees are gorgeous. Wouldn't trade it for anything. And yes, I've lived where there were REAL trees. Couldn't see the forest for the them. I had to go to a coast to see more than 100 ft. I'll take our tree belts, wide spaces and rolling hills. (Really, there are hills!)

Oh yeah...gas hit 1.99 tonight too!! Woo-hoo!!

Oh yeah...gas hit 1.99 tonight too!! Woo-hoo!!

I think I'd enjoy having 4 distinct seasons. Here we get summer, about 2 hours of spring, winter (slightly cooler than summer), about 2 hours of autumn. We may see snow every 2 years or so, there were some flurries last year so we're safe for a while.

Sorry, that should be every 20 years or so.

i'm sorry to sound dense, but what exactly is the point of going outside if the temp is under 40 degrees? when i lived in new orleans, i never could figure that out (not that i had to think about it often). now i'm back in sunny SoFla, which is chilly this morning (57).

Ding, dong, my plants are dead
The frost has killed
My flowerbed
Ding, dong, my summer plants are dead!

*Teeth chattering*

*checking weeklong forecast for Halloween*

*having a hard time believing it will be back to the 60's by Friday*

its gonna snow here in albany ny. already snowing in the outlying areas. so i'll take your 60, and raise ya 10, because this is one nasty day!

Steve, 24 Guy: Whut? You had time to take out your swimsuit? Usually, by the time I find mine, it's time to turn around and hide it from myself again. Speaking as a former Floridian (Floridite?), I hate winter. What the heck is with all that white sh!t all over the place anyway? (And you can take your pick: Snow or Salt.)

I've lived most of my life in the NYC area, with a couple of year-long stretches outside of Dallas/Fort Worth and outside of New Orleans.

Give me NY's 4-season weather any ol' day. (It helps me to have a variety of things to complain about.)


coffees on! hope you don't mind that i warmed my hands in it.

My windshield wipers were frozen to the windshield this morning. All I have to do is sell my house and I would move to Florida.

Anybody want to buy a house in Indiana?

Cold Here


Can someone turn on the global warming??

Thank you.

I'm with you Meanie. I like 4 seasons and I can handle cold better than heat. And I love the snow.

I don't know about the rest of you, but we are SICK TO DEATH of summer here. We're getting another 90+ degree day AGAIN. I had to re-route my commute because ANOTHER fire broke out on my way to work and they shut down my freeway. I would give anything to be able to wear a sweater. And the weatherman told us this morning that this is the hottest October on record.
Global warming ??? Take ours !!!
Now how's THAT for a rant !??

Here in the Poconos we got 6" of snow last night. We'll take some of that global warming please.

Yes, Telecom, but no Santa Anas today. And no shaking so far.

Queensbee - doesn't that just ruin any trick-or-treating? Why wear a costume when you have to wear a parka over it? Just go as the Michelin tire man, or the Pilsbury Dough Boy.

We've had some outstanding Trick-Я-Treating for the last several years. Last year's in fact was fabulous, save for the falling camel dung.

But when the little dancers were, um, little, it was often brutal. One night started fairly cold but dry, followed in short order by rain, then slush, then sleet, then snow. We may have had thunder later that night, for the Apocalypso Music effect.

At present I'm fending off killer ladybugs.

Well, Isadora, I guess I'll have to be thankful for small favors. **Grrrrrrr - still grouchy about not getting an autumn this year.**
And watch out with that long scarf - I heard those can be deadly.

Annie/Isadora - will e you shortly.

below 60 degrees

Highs today may not even reach 60 degrees in beautiful Oregon. It makes Trick or Treating alot of fun. Well, so long as your costume involves many layers of polar fleece.

Here in NJ our snow started at about 11 AM, mixed in with the cold rain... When I was driving home at 5 I saw a lot of downed tree branches and a couple of trees that had fallen over. Cold, wet, heavy snow.

Is it spring yet?

I have a friend who just moved down here from Maine and everyone outside is wearing sweaters (I'm wearing long sleeves and a scarf) and she's like, "Hey, what's wrong? It's like, warm spring out here!"
Here in Miami, Florida, the months go a bit like this (relatively):
January: Cool (freezing to us); autumn.
February: Nice spring.
March: More spring, 2 weeks of fall in the wrong hemisphere (yes the leaves here fall in spring; for a very short time too).
April: Not even a season. Just rain.
May: Summer.
June: Hot Summer.
July: Really hot summer.
August: So hot you step outside and water boils; unable to breathe of humidity; heat stroke imminent.
September: Hot to warm.
October: Cooling down to the Mainers warm spring!
November: Almost fall-like.
December: Coldish...sort of...

So yeah...

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