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October 30, 2008


Woman finds mouse head in frozen beans


This would be an excellent look for Halloween.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Thanks for this, Dave; thanks a LOT . . .

Shh! Not too loud or they'll all want one!

"There's a dead mouse in my beans!"
"It's the cold temperature in the freezer that always kills them."

"Garcon! Il y a un souris mort dans mes haricots!"
"Non monsieur, c'est une souris, feminin . . ."
"Que vous avez de bons yeux!"

"What's this mouse doing in my beans?"

Oh, and FIRST!

Poor little thing is sticking out its tongue.

Mmmm...my breakfast is looking so good right now.

Poor little thing is stuck to my tongue.


What I want to know is, where did all the rest of the fur and eyeballs go? Who ate those and didn't know it?

"The batch number is 88270.10, with a best before date of 26 September 2010."

Correction. The "best before date" is now: 26 September 20NEVER!

Red beans 'n' mice! That's good eatin'!


"Mice don't travel in isolation," said the head of the bread company where a mouse was baked right into the hot dog bun. "Where there's one mouse, there's more." Blech, ptttuh, yuck... Where's the tongue bleach?

Salut Heather,
Je suis tellement contente que vous avez lancé ce service! J'espère que c'est un grand succès pour vous. Merci pour la tenue du concours! Croisant les doigts que je gagne un blog mis en place, mais sinon je vais être en contact en tout cas!

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