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October 28, 2008


The wizzer saw.

(Thanks to Marty Merzer)


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Guess he was trying to smoke his pipe.

Free Willy!


How did he manage to stay.. ahem...at attention the whole time? Viagra?

a 73-year-old man's penis ... was apparently an erotic aid, but did not elaborate.
I am greatful.

Also, they make 2-piece models that bolt together for just this reason. I'm sure Siouxie has a link...

A doctor, nurses and a paramedic gathered in the Emergency Room as a firefighter — "one of the new guys" — prepared to begin the operation.

I bet the "new guy" wishes he had chosen a different career.

73 old man. "Please get this f&*king pipe off me"
Fireman. "Oh, so that's what it's called"

heh! Dave said tool...

Chris? yes. I. do.

At his age, luckily, the man can claim to have no recollection of how it got there...


"...typical medical procedures, such as forcing blood from one side of the penis to the other in order to pull the pipe off."
That sounds like they've got a good bit of practice at this kind of thing, and that's a little scary.

"one inch long, one inch in diameter pipe"

Oh, the shame.

Shoulda called the local moyle.

What, no photos??

Not to be confused with The Whizzer . . .

No kidding, random. More like 'Whereizzit'.

73 years old and still laying pipe

Well, whenever I'm confused, I just check my underwear. It holds the answer to all the important questions.

But I don't remember how that pipe got in there.

The Whizzer? do you mean Judge Whizzer?

I'd have thrown a bucket of water on him and locked him naked in a meat freezer for twenty minutes. Have someone stand outside and listen for that pipe to hit the floor.
So that's what it's like being 73? Hope I die before I get old.

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