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October 28, 2008


(Insert your play on the words "cracks down" here.)

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Naked short selling

Someone alert the McCain/Palin team immediately!

*imagines gymnasts and yoga gurus engaging in nekkid short selling*

*cracks up*

Indeed . . .

I can only assume that "naked short selling" means contracting to sell a stock (at a price lower than current market) when you don't own and have not made sure you can acquire the stock you are selling?

The visuals that come with "naked" and "short" are not pretty.

I believe you are correct, Pogo. ISTR the US recently banned the practice as well -- only temporarily, though.


Is it just me, or is the stock market just not as much fun any more?

You're right, Cat. Next thing you know, these fascists will be banning over the counter credit default swapping, overnight mergers, and back door sweetheart deals.

If Meanie is right I'm sunk.

Talk about your dirty money.

*snork" at "Larry", although I'm not sure "sweetheart" is the right term in your case.

If any naked Japanese people try selling me anything, I'll be too busy giggling to reach for my wallet. And is this anything like short-sheeting? Just askin'...

The movie theme song will feature the tune from Smokey & the bandit with the lyrics...
Japan cracks down,
on naked short selling,
so no more sights,
of Nikkei traders bums

The thought of little Japanese naked stock brokers just... Never mind, it's not a pretty thought....

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