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October 08, 2008


Lingerie Football

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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But won't they get killed without helmets and pads?

I hate my first post to your blog to be critical, but this is just sad. Its an insult to the women who work like hell to be accepted into professional sports. It says women are simply meat to be ogled. :(

Don't get me wrong, they have very right to do it, but that does not mean they have to.

They run funny . . .

Lots of encrotchment penalties, I'll bet.

Shall we ogle or oogle? I can never remember that one.

Don't worry, Dana - the men of this blog are fair and (un)balanced, and will accept ANY woman, regardless of bra size - which must be measured and recorded in the log book upon blog entry.

Welcome, Dana. My main criticism is this...WHERE ARE THE NAKED MEN???


They throw like girls...but some of the girls I know throw battle-axes...

I love football. I watched three games on Sunday. I run and work out. If I were a little younger, I'd be honored to run around in a Victoria's Secret uniform and shoulder pads. Personally, I've always wanted to be a WR. Giving the guys a thrill in sexy apparel is a bonus. We watch them all the time running around in those tight pants. Now they must watch us!

We already have beach volleyball . . .

Great idea, for sure. But that play where the offense lines up in an eleven tight end formation is a little tacky.

But are they real?

They're real...and they're magnificent!

Football: played the way god intended.

She .... could .... go..... all ..... the..... WAY!

Well, they don't feel exploited, so...

PLAY (foot)BALL!!!

Gives a new meaning to fantasy football.

Also - really HOT women playing sports are meant to be ogled. I would have no problem watching strong, full-figured women play football if they did it well... I would just want to see them in a full uniform.

Ohh oohhh! I know what we blog gals want. Men playing football whilst wearing kilts!


Backfield in motion...

To all the other guy bloggers here, "FIRST DIBS!!!" on playing center!

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