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October 30, 2008


Nasal Cleansing Device of the Day So Far


(Thanks to Joe Thacker)


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That snot a teapot.


I think you had this (or some variation) one year on the Christmas List.

Great for starting conversations at parties . . .

Miss: We did, but there was no way I could not post this photo.

I've heard that really works to clear congestion. So I've heard. I prefer not too give myself the feeling of being waterboarded on purpose.

Sounds eerily similar to waterboarding.

Do you take cream with your OH MY GAWD!!! *Brrraaapppp*

She looks too happy to be shooting boogers out of her nose.

One lump, or two?

Thought-provoking quote:

"Have you ever wished there was a way to just pour some soothing warm water through your nose"

Haven't we all!

It's exceedingly uncomfortable, but it does work...the worst side effect is the saline that spontaneously drips out of your nose for the rest of the day. Always referred to it as a "snot pot," myself...

"The angle of your head is important to allow you to breath (sic)"

My dad always used to tell me that my head was on cockeyed.

It makes nasal irrigation easy and enjoyable.

I'll take your word for it.

I have that very pot. My doctor actually recommended it. Works wonders even though it is a little bit weird.

I have a dear friend who irrigates her nose. She candles her ears, too. She's weird, but amusing.

Oh, and Booger!

I told her when she discovers the joys of detoxifying enemas, to please not let me know.

I got in trouble with my teacher when I did this in school...

I use one every day. It works...no kidding. Amuses the children, too.

"Just about anybody with a nose can benefit from knowing about this practice."

(Not recommended for people who merely have holes in their faces.)


Wow I had to get IRB approval and pay people in order to collect their boogers for my study. I should have just got the mailing list for this product...

See it in action! With water! And coffee! And bourbon!

Neti Pot

And eyebleach!

My Neti pot is blue. :)

I would imagine that it's only uncomfortable if you use cold water or don't use the saline solution. When mixed properly, it just feels like snot running outta your nose.

And yes, the kid is endlessly amused.

*makes note to never have tea at Leetie's house*

Cat R, does she do them both at the same time? That I'd pay money to see.

I've used the Neti Pot before. Nothing like half-drowning yourself to open up one-eighth of a millimeter of space in your choked-up nostrils. I think I would have enjoyed the experience MUCH more if bourbon were involved.

(Not recommended for people who merely have holes in their faces.)

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 01:01 PM on October 30, 2008

Like Wacko Jacko?

Renee, not sure. I suppose if your head is titled anyway, may as well clean two orifices (orifi?) at once.

tilted. not titled.

Leetie! How's your Giant Head? Welcome back.

Model imbibed in pot before posing with pot. *Happily picking boogers by hand*

It was a SCRATCH!!!!!

actually this is a time-tested, easy to do, and extremely positive activity with no similarity to waterboarding whatsoever! http://ancientsecretsnasalcleansing.wordpress.com for lots more on this.

Thanks PB!

My Giant Head is somewhere out there in Bloglitland. I wonder if she'll go Trick-or-Treating..?

she should stop doing so much coke

Wouldn't a plunger be quicker?

It really is great. I used to have a sinus infection every other month. Since I’ve started using the neti pot I’ve only had one infection in the last year and a half.

Here's actually a hillarious music video about the neti pot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqzUwnr2QAo

Irrigating your sinuses is anyway a very good idea as it helps to take away mucous and harmful germs and bacteria from your nose. Please do not stop doing it because of neti pot death rumors. You can’t deny that it’s considerably cheaper than purchasing and taking nasal steroids.

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