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October 28, 2008


This photo of a Japanese candy product was sent in by Ranald Adams, who claims that the package says "Snot from the Nose of the Great Buddha."



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Booger candy??

That would explain the outfit made completely of toilet paper.

Dehydrated budha boogers wbagnf ... meh, I got nuthin'.

If it's Snot From the Nose of the Great Buddha, then where is it from?

~When you think it's butter, but it's snot....~

Buddha needs to try hair in a can.

Pick or treat!

That's snot hair, MOTW. It's a very organized booger collection.

Abbott: It's snot!

Costello: It's not what?

Abbott: No. It's snot on a stick.

Costello: What's not on a stick?

Abbott: BOOGER!

Really, is that any grosser than those "gummy rats"?

This is a "New and Improved" product. The old one, Snot fron the Nose of the Mediocre Buddha, didn't move.

"I can't believe it's snot Buddha!"

Next up from Jelly Belly: Budda Booger

Hey, stop picking on us. That's deity pool.

I believe Mr. Adams speaks the truth. "Daibutsu-sama no hanakuso", to transliterate. Turns out it's part of a fine line of products that includes Gorilla Boogers.

I don't want to know what the not so great budda is giving out.

You can pick your Buddha and you can pick your nose but you can't pick your Buddha's nose.

I read it as "DaibutTsu-sama no hanakuso." The kind you find in gelato.

zen koan: if you meet the Buddha on the road, offer him a tissue.

Is this really how they planned to make dried squid more appetizing?

I say: "Eeeeeew!!"

The path to endarkenment.

What is the sound of one nostril blowing?

"Buddha bless you. Oh, you got a smidge of schmutz on your buddha gob."

There are many paths to enlightenment.

This one blows.

Next week, on VV-1's "Behind the Music: Cheap Trick".

"We've been stuck on picking an album name for weeks."

"How about "Mucus in a Can?"

"That's snot that funny, Nigel."

"No! I've got it. I've bloody well got it: Buddha Can!"

And so, with a terrible typo, Cheap Trick, Live at Budokhan was launched....

Sounds like a great Halloween hors d'oeuvre, to be served alongside the kitty litter cake, the chorizo diapers, and the squirrel kebabs.

Gotta love Cat's 'Boo-ffet.' (buffet)

*Snork* at everything up there. Oops. Wipes up snorkage. Saves it for a delightful Halloween treat.

It makes perfect sense, even in Engrish:
That Big Buddha Lacking Hankie

Things to ponder as you lay a finger aside inside your nose ...

There were some great assets in the flick Booger Knights.

You keep pickin' that thing, it'll never heal.

I pick you, Boogerchew!

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