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October 31, 2008


While you're hacking out crude triangle eyes in your pumpkin, some guys in England are doing stuff like this:


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Happy Halloweenie!!!!

I could never carve out a good looking pumpkin. Mine always looked retarded.

Did anyone else dress up for work?? (In a costume, I mean)(Sheesh)

I'm wearing my geezer disguise. So far no one has recognized me, but then I work at home, by myself.

Just imagine what this guy could achieve if he set his mind to doing serious work?

Oh, come-on! That's a self portrait!

yup, them's english teeth.

Nice teeth!

Sio, I am wearing my underwear on my head, butt nobody has noticed, yet. Then again, I'm like pogo and suppose I will have to wait for Fed-Ex or UPS to show up, before anybody sees me.

You work at a tax place; are you dressed as the Grim Rapper?

Dave....that ain't no PUMPKIN!!! RUN!!!!!!!

punkin, i was behind one of your family members the other day, the tag read punkin py.

actually, these pumpkins are american. the artist is in michigan.

heh! funny, CJ. Boxers, briefs or thong?

I'm dressed as a cowgirl. Not a girl cow. There's a slight diff.

I myself believe we should continue to honor the old traditions...

crossgirl, those would be the Pys. We're the Poos. Distant cousins.

Thong, Sio. Makes it easier to see out, through the leg holes.

'I thought why don't I try and carve the pumpkin like it is a piece of clay as opposed to a large vegetable.
D@mnit! It's a fruit!

I dressed up for work as a disgruntelled (sp??) employee who can't go to the parade today.


"I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay..."

It's guys like this that make the rest of us fathers look bad.

This is why I hate contacts.

But it's the spending time with your kids that they care about, not how great you can carve a pumpkin....

They are not English but 100% US of A. The sculptor comes from Ballaire, Mich. Hasn't anybody actually read the story?

Nope, just read the first paragraph then started looking at the pictures. My time is important, I can't be bothered to look at and read mindless....

Oh look!! More comments!

What a cutie pie! Wonder if kept his good looks...

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