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October 27, 2008


Here's a recipe for kid-friendly treats: Boogers on a Stick.

Key instruction: Repeat dipping the pretzel until the booger is the desired size.

(Thanks to Patrick Harvey)


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I'm holding out for the flesh-on-a-stick.

(Chicken drumsticks people, sheesh)

Tips or cautions:
If the boogers on a stick aren't sufficiently icky, serve them with a bowl of red salsa to add an extra yuck factor.

I'll have mine with nuts. Chunky boogers! YUMM!!

It takes four steps to get boogers on a stick? I can do it in one step.

If you add hot salsa, you have 'phlegming boogers.'

...another side effect of the Santa Anas. :(

Still my favorite for Halloween ickiness!

Good one, jon! Beats my jello-brain all to pieces.

I saw a Halloween recipe for "mucous" that involved green jello and milk that almost made me puke just thinking about making it.


Oh, Cat, that is just SO immature.

Good one!

That kitty litter pan is too realistic.

*adds recipe to Gruesome Gourmet cookbook*

Lay the boogers on a stick on a piece of wax paper and let them set up a few minutes before serving.
This is something I never thought I'd hear.

After the boogers have 'set up' a while, what do you serve them?

Obviously, Annie is too writerly to put "with" at the end of her sentence, but to answer her question: Ladyfingers.

Meanie, I was GOING to say..finger sammiches.

pfffffffffffft! you beat me though.

Good point Annie....Seems to me you would let them "set up" under the table

Easy, Sioux. No need to get your nose all out of joint. Snot ladylike, ya know.

Meanie....look deeper into Annie's cryptic meaning

I agree, Meanie. You picked a winner first ;-P

*winks* at Sweet Siouxie

*smoooooooooch & winks back @ Jazzzzzzzie!!!*

It's a good thing I have you around to do the hard work, Jazzzz.

In that case: Snotted Dick?

yum ! ..... huh?

Here's another site with variations on the Kitty Litter Cake recipe. http://www.swapmeetdave.com/Humor/Cats7/KLCake.htm
Made me gag the first time I saw the pictures, having three cats and all.


Hold the knuckle, fling the phlegmus,
Special odors don't upset us,
All we ask is that you let us fling it your way.

Fling it your way, fling it your way!
Fling it yooooour way at Booger Kling.

All these nitty gritty kitty litter cake recipes--kinda funny that they specify, in bold print, to use a NEW a kitty litter box and pooper scooper.

jon, please stop beating Annie's jello brain all to pieces. That snot very nice.

For authenticity, the recipe should have suggested folding in a few hairs.

CJ's right. I may start writing rambling monologues, and driving in circles around large, plastic chickens.

*Snork* at Annie's jingle!

*wipes snork off screen*

I would rather have it the authentic way.
Any takers?

When they come to make the rounds
When they bring them baggies 'round
When they come to call on me and drag my poor body down

Just one thing I ask of you, just one thing for me
Please don't set my porch aflame
My jar has Boogerees
Shape it, bake it, Boogerees, just don't tell your folks you know me
Shape it, bake it Boogeree, just don't tell them that you know me

is "dipping the pretzel" a euphemism?

margaritaville, no lie, my mom, who is not known for her abilities in the kitchen, would serve us jello in a pool of milk. seems we couldn't afford whip cream. i still have nightmares.

Or, as I might put it, "Why won't that damn chicken cross the road?!"

"Well, I'll be dipped!"

I confess, to being a fan of cgMomma! Picture a lady that might say, "You girls, quit whining; you don't need real toothbrushes when we have nails that need straightening." She's Granny Clampett and Hannah Ferguson on steroids.

CG, ever have the nightmare that your boyfriend and your mom gang up on you?

And the nightmare includes a giant chicken???

I'm safe. It is getting really cold in Central Florida and cg must be wearing her entire closet, with her arms over her ears, so she can't type.

Tomorrow, I'll be in trouble. Once her fingers thaw out.

OK, I am NOT coming back to this blog until enough new items have been posted that I don't have to look at the "boogers on a stick" headline.

Hey Meanie -- try a Velveeta sandwich on Wonder Bread with Miracle Whip. Completely untouched by nature. Every Friday noon through 8 years of Catholic school.

I had DAMN well better go to heaven.

pad? You live in Wisconsin - and they did Velveeta on you? WTFBBQ? You're practically a living martyr.

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