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October 06, 2008


A laser-guided rubber-band gun.

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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*giggles with maniacal glee*

Heck, forget Iran. What if Judi gets one, Dave? Might make you feel a little different about all those times you've threatened to fire her...

Puts this on Judi's Christmas List.

I coulda sworn the laser-sight made a happy face.
Mas cafe, por favor.

We would only use it for peaceful, cigarette pack knocking-over purposes, of course.

Just don't let the squirrels get this technology!

*snork* @ Ahmagoinadinnernow!

all ur nutz R belong to us.

It could use a better sound effect, like 'whooomph.' Right now I bet it just sounds like 'click-boing.'


Oh Shiny! I want one!

Made from recycled erector sets.

I have a wooden one that works the same way, but this is way better, especially with the music.

I gotta have it!

No match for our meatball launcher.

No match for our meatball launcher.

*snap* *snap* *snap*
MUAHAHAH*snap*-*gasp*-*snork*-ahaaa, ahem.


Ok, so I gave ya both barrels. I was aiming for the bot.

Does it come with the soundtrack? Gotta have the music!

That'll make killing flies a hellovalot more fun.

Can you use hollow-point rubber bands in that?

Cheese - my thoughts exactly.

Ok, translation of above: I think I swallowed a rubber band.

Not only a laser-guided rubber band gun...but a semiautomatic laser-guided rubber band gun.

With a folding vertical foregrip, and fully ventilated barrel shroud, even.

You'll probably need to visit a stocking FFL dealer to get one. And undergo a waiting period...**

**I'm wondering if the vertical foregrip, menacing appearance and lack of other "sporting" features would actually cause the DJSARBGMkI (Deadly Japanese Semiautomatic Assault Rubber Band Gun, Mark One) to be excluded from importation by the BATFE as "not suitable for sporting purposes" under Sec. 922(r), as have certain other types of so-called "assault weapons."

Also, the Feds say that putting a vertical foregrip on a pistol makes it an AOW ("Any Other Weapon") under Sec. 922(o). So even if they'll let them into the country, you might need a federal tax stamp to legally own it...



Forget Iran. What if Jack Bauer gets a hold of one?

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