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October 29, 2008


The Blog and The Photographer are hard at work on this year's Gift Guide, which will be published November 23rd. Sadly, this suggestion, sent in by Carol Roach via snailmail, did not make it to our desk in time to be considered.


(You can check out previous editions of the Gift Guide here.)


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I love when I get to use the same link twice in one week.

That would be so much more practical if the wings folded down to protect your ears.

Will people be wearing these as they run through Boulder CO on Thanksgiving?

...or if they folded down over your mouth. ;p

This is your brain.
This is your brain on drumsticks.

To quote cg:
*if you need me, I'll be on the website, ordering this*

The funniest thing is, he's wearing it backwards!

Do we have to wear this naked?

Oh, you mean like this?

Sio, that turkey would just look silly if you put clothes on it.

CJ's right.

it's the turkey turban!

I sent my idea by smoke signal. Still waiting to hear back...

Miles Kimball is using Dave as a model now? I swear I thought it was him.

I bought this for you, turkeyface, I mean, beloved relative.

Miles Kimball is going rogue! They are such a staid mid-western company. I buy things like microwave plate-covers and jar-openers from them.

microwave plate-covers

I'm no microwave afficiando, but isn't that what paper towels are for?

Guin, I buy fitted tablecloths from them. God Bless America.

Brings a new meaning to the word "Turduken", doesn't he?
(No, you pervs! That's TUrkey stuffed with a DUck, stuffed with a chicKEN.)

See? Turduken. Just like it sounds.

I find that hat really funny.

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