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October 14, 2008


With aerobics guru Benny Lava

(Thanks to KJP)


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Snork @ buffalax

Be warned--that guy looks a LOT like an Indian version of George Michaels circa the 80's

Quick, I need a bun!

? Bad bot for stealing my post. I think.

Like I was saying....Be warned. This guy looks a LOT like George Michael--circa the 80's.

frickin bot

Cherl: 1) hit 'reload' 2) spin chair around three times 3) comment appears!

I didn't think I would ever see a George Michael look-alike that looked even more sleazy than the real one.


Who put the goat in there?

MKJ believe it or not--I reloaded, then refreshed. Then switched from Explorer to Firefox--still no comment. I think the bot lies in wait for people sometimes. Sneaky bot.

Richard Simmons is not going to be happy that someone is trying to angle in on his territory. Oh wait, that dude had hot, young women in his video. Nevermind.

What's that CJrun? Who let the goats out?


judi, you might have to fire and rehire yourself before Dave gets back! That is worth seeing twice though. That kinda makes our pop videos over here look incredibly high brow.

uh-oh. do you mean dave blogged that before?!

*fires judi*
*rehires judi*

For even more fun with Buffalaxed - check out "Moscow":


I never saw it, before. That was pretty funny, except for the having to listen to the song to get it part.

judi, I think he did, but we will never tell and Dave will never be the wiser!

I'm trying to watch House (which is very good, tonight), but I'm also trying to read something. Yeah, it's right wing propoganda, given that it's from me, but it's Michael Yon. Just a guy, from Polk County, but a real different person. Micahel Yon used to be a photographer, from down the road, but he now writes, as well. One of the three best people I have ever read on geopolitics that has actually been there, including John Burns at the NY Times, and Micahel Totten. You folks should read this article, because I think this is the best information from a great observer, apolitical, I'm aware of. Please check it out:


Bleh! House got clunky.

CJ -- if you ask me (and I know you haven't), "House" got clunky when he left that rectal thermometer in David Morse in season 2 (or was it season 3?).

Worst season, ever, WD. Butt that's just an opinion.

And opinions are like ________...

Yes, they are, WD, and everyone has one. Like this guy.

(btw, WD - thanks for the kind words on my blog.)

Yes, WD, opinions are like _______s, butt you forgot to mention that they usually stink too.

Fart in the Duck...a classic Dutch kiddie song.


If you've been wondering what Michael Jackson is up to, wonder no more. He is choreographing Indian music videos.

I'm surprised this one hasn't come up yet. "Come see me eat nipples..."


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