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October 30, 2008


(Thanks to sjhaller and Siouxie)


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cue the blonde jokes.

Well I'd like to think that is true.

*hair flip*

Or a discussion of American foreign policy... .

You know why they left redheads out of this, don't you? They skewed the results.

If you date one then they decide you need to marry them, you have no choice.

(husband of a redhead, and loving it)

Which is why matching the carpet to the drapes is so overrated.

Bob, I hear you buddy...!

What I'm wondering is, where does this leave someone like Sinead O'Connor...?

CJ?? What carpet?

CJ, I prefer hardwood floors.

*winks at Siouxie*

I could have told you that.

Two older men are reminiscing about romance.

"Did you ever, you know, sleep with a blonde?"
The second man smiled and said, "Many a time, many a time..."

The first said "Did you ever sleep with a brunette?"
The second man smiled and said, "Many a time, many a time..."

The first man said, "So, did you ever sleep with a redhead?"
The second man grinned broadly and said, "Nary a wink!"

So if the carpet matches the curtains, and you have hardwood floors, does that mean you've got what - wood blinds?

ftr - redheads are above such surveys.

And I want a man with hair preferably.

- Anita, london

There's a comment! I'm naturally a brunette, been a redhead, now currently mostly blond, going gray fast...

And here I thought I was just too smart to get married... *blonde hair flip* SNORK @ y'all!

Great one.Keep posting more.

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