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October 06, 2008


(Thanks to Danny)


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It makes me so happy when people are so stupid. :D

And to think we used to tell each other that pot was harmless.

Another big lie.

I mean, if yer gonna SMOKE it, it's mine.

If this is a bust or something, it belongs to that pregnant chick there.

I'm surprised he didn't say: "Yes, that's mine, and I intended to sell it to minors in a school zone."

His girlfriend, who is six months pregnant, told officers that she smokes marijuana...

Mother of the Week So Far???

Sounds like it, Siouxie. *prays for the baby*

He's a prize catch, that one. Good thing he has such an intelligent articulate GF.
*blegh* /sarcasm

It was funny, until suddenly it wasn't.

I'm willing to bet they just broke up.

wow. i can't believe i used to smoke that stuff, right harvey?

You stopped? Dude, I just thought you were really Bogarting the hell outta that joint.

Do you suppose the guy who got caught "shoving beef jerky down his pants" was a friend of theirs?

So this IS your mind on drugs . . .

Why are people like this allowed to procreate?

stupid is, as stupid does....

Still waiting for the law against stupidity... I say it should be a felony.

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