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October 08, 2008


A woman was arrested after she kicked in the door of her ex-partner's home, then kicked him, in a dispute over custody of a possum.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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And this headline was linked on the same page!

"Bush doctor cocks up illegal circumcisions"

"The Oblivious Marsupial" WB, of course, an excellent NFARB

dang, betsy, that's what *I* was gonna say. :-p

They fought over a possum? I figured that the dispute would be more along the lines of "You take it!" "NO! You take it!."

judi...what can I say? great minds...;)

Key policy-challenging name: Detective Sergeant Andy Bu Bear.

*Maintains stoic, resolutely steadfast expression*
*Runs from room hiding face and suppressing involuntary outbursts*

Happens all the time here in West Virginia, except drinking would definitely be involved.

Detective Andy Bu Bear???

"Bu" is short for this.

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