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October 31, 2008


The tell-tale barf

Key Potential Rock-Band Name: "A Heap of Puke"

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Nothing like a , "large pile of vomit" to get the day really swinging. Thanks, Claire; you really need to get out more!

Large Pile of Vomit and A Heap of Puke - perfect together!

it was alleged vomit, folks.

Gee, I don't recall seeing that title under Edgar Allen Poe ... thought I saw a reference to his wake again.

In other local crime news ...
... an attack from a homecoming parade float.

When parade floats go bad.

*wonders what happened to the half dozen posts*


...whoops, they're back ...

Toyota Tacoma? But she bought a Buick!

no, it was a yaris.

"arrested her for alleged drunken driving, driving with excessive alcohol content "

Not that I condone drunken driving, but isn't this a bit redundant? Should they have also charged her with operating a motor vehicle in an unsober manner, non-temperant vehicular control, inebriate usage of a public roadway ...... ?

A stray cow was struck and killed by a driver on Highway 82 in Thursday’s early morning hours. The wandering bovine collision caused no injuries.

Those two sentences don't really go together. It's OK though. I've got the grill fired up, and Wandering Bovine queued on the CD player.

*pukes a large pile of breakfast*

The driver, Mario Hernandez, was arrested for ... weaving.

So now it's illegal to make a basket in Colorado?

Good, at least someone else read about the crime epidemic happening in Colorado. It was facinating

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