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October 29, 2008


Mass. Pol Accused of Stuffing Bra with Bribes

(Thanks to Chris Lawson)


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Did she make a clean breast of it?

Sadly, this disqualifies her from riding a motor bike in Vietnam...

Snork! at Jazzzzy

The usual guy reaction to finding that a bra is stuffed with other than the real thing might not apply here.

Is that so worng?

Next time, she should put it in her freezer.

At least it was her own bra.

"...Wilkerson took her granddaughter to accept a $1,000 kickback at the Fill-A-Buster restaurant..."

No surprise there.

The dyslexic Senator walked into a bra...

Mebbee she was headed for Vietnam and just wanted to rent a moped there?

D'oh (sorry jazzie, didn't read comments first)

Her cups runneth over.

Mama's got a cash box
She wears on her chest
You just slip her the bribes
And she'll take care of the rest

'Cause she's dealing all night
And the payoff's all right
Mama's got a cash box
Ooh, that sweater's such a sight!

Bad enough to stuff a bribe in your bra. Worse to be caught stuffing it. But even worser to accept it in quarters.

Maybe the first politician who should be against change in her bra.

If she gets 10 years is that tit-for-tat?

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