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October 28, 2008


Spicy pork sausage found in 'soiled diapers'

(Thanks to DavCat and Baron vonKlyff)


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They check your diaper at the border? Someone should inform astronut.

seize your chorizo, seize your chorizo, la la la la

Legality is all about timing.

It was a bold attempt to exploit the likely fear of anyone opening anything labeled "soiled diapers", but it failed in the face of even bolder Customs officials.

They should have stuck with their original planned fake label: "Manilow CDs".

Chorizo chalupa anyone???

Sounds like a great Halloween hors d'oeuvre, to be served alongside the kitty litter cake.

That was one brave border agent.

Marg, he probably already HAS kids. That makes you immune.

Good to know the border patrol is protecting our sausage interests

Hey, unidentified Mission sausage smuggler lady -- they actually make chorizo on this side of the border, too. Get thee to a carneceria. (Hell, I'm hundreds of miles from the border and there are three within six blocks of here.)

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