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October 02, 2008


Do not click this link.

(Thanks to DavCat and SteveK¹)

¹Probably not that one!


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"All testicles can be eaten - except human, of course."


*wonders where all the blogguys are*

This guy's a half-baked nut.

Diva - my guess is that they are all under their desks, curled up in a fetal position. Wait!.... Is that whimpering I hear?

Spaguetti & schweaty balls??

I don't think I'd want to hang around his kitchen.



Is the machete pic really necessary? (Guys, don't look.)

That's our Siouxie - always wanting to have her cockcake and eat it, too.

Annie, the machete is the weapon instrument (heh!) of choice when cooking with testicules.

Not that I'd know anything about that.

"Erovic, 45, is self-taught in the art of testicle cuisine..."

He decided not to enroll in a testicle-cuisine degree program?

This guy is two balls short of a load.

--Can't type with my legs crossed that tightly!--

That guy is one step away from canniballism.

judi, if anyone's mind is warped enough to find amusement in a testicle cooking book, it's THAT SK!

OK, when I ordered a pizza with everything, I didn't mean .....

Siouxie, what a great idea - "The Stephen King Cookbook."

Shouldn't that be cojone bleu recipes?

if anyone needs me, i'll be canceling cj's christmas gift. the title led me to believe this was a cookbook for manly men.....

It's ok, crossgirl - oysters 'r' in season(ing).

Rocky mountain ones, anyway.

If it was "that" SK, I wonder if he was doing research for a new book? I wonder what it's title might be?

"The Final Ball Dropped"?
"Great Balls Of The Fire Pit"?
"Ghost Balls Aflame"?

He is a very sick man.

And Battered Testicles WBAGNFA Punk Band.

After reading this article, I can finally sing Beach Boys songs in the proper register...

"Battered Testicles" WBAGNFA person who does the same trite blogjoke every dang day.

We have several pizza joints in the Philly area that serve meatball pizzas. SLICED meatballs. Thare's one famous place-Rizzo's, that when they deliver it to your door, and you lean the box to one side...thump-thump-thump. Whole meatballs. Not for me after today, though.

"Battered Testicles" is an established medical condition suffered by every guy who has ever endured a divorce. Just ask my dad (3).

Absolutely not THE SK, Judi, Siouxie, et al. To the best of my knowledge, I have never had anyone set their fingernails on fire for me.

This had to go straight to my YUDU library. Erovic even shows us how to make the perfect dough for a testicle pizza.

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