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October 28, 2008


It can affect the brain.

Key Quote: “Once the pumpkin goes on your head, it’s definitely such a group mentality that you just have to go with it.”

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Whatever you do...do NOT view the photos.


“It’s super liberating,” he said. “It just feels like we’re all in this together and we’re all having fun together.”

At least he didn't use the phrase "hanging out together".

Another reason why Boulder is one of my favourite cities.

Reply to Key Quote: Next time, put a few airholes in.

Linus ( 8 pm tonight, ABC) will be so pleased!

he he
The cop said "bust"
he he

Clearly someone with far more CrapCam expertise is needed for this year's photo shoot. Perhaps someone with a nice clean blue shirt (no pumpkin puke) and of course his able assistant (a.k.a. the s.b.) to capture the male essence as it were. It wouldn't hurt to set up a table with copies of "Science Fair" too, you know, just in case there's money in any of those bags. Just sayin' ...

Oh my gourd. That's gonna chill a few halloweenies.

They're going to freeze their gourds off!

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "harvest moon."

"well, if 'everyone' stripped down and jogged through the streets with pumpkins on their heads, would you do it too?"

Simul squash with M'ville - ^5!

Seems like someone should be able to come up with a play on jack-o-lantern, but not me.

Can't they just pick out the most ... er... well-endowed to write 20-minute tickets to??

"It's the Great Naked Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

The thought of putting my head inside a slimy, gooey pumpkin is more offputting than the nakey part.

In the photos, one guy was wearing either a black thong, or an eggplant, or needed to see a doc asap.

Yes, eilbeback - and post his photo to The Smoking Gun. Perhaps, in this case, a VERY smoking gun.

Run to the strains of Swing Low Sweet Chariot

I seem to remember a cartoon character called Punkinhead

Coloradans have to have a "cool down" race after they've completed the Denver Gorilla Run.

My daughter lives within the triangle formed by Boulder, Longmont and Denver and she fits right in. What is it they say about apples not falling far from the tree?

I'm guessing there'll be some serious shrinkage on a cold Boulder autumn night. Better put a zoom lens on the crap cam.

Snork - cold Boulders...

Just another reason why my Alma Mater makes me hang my head in shame glad I graduated and escaped left the People's Republic city of Boulder... The CU Buffaloes, are usually abbreviated as "The Buffs." Coincidence??? I think not...

20 pounds of orange flesh thrashing atop their heads

Didn't we already discuss this a few threads down?

No. Wait. That was purple flesh. Nevermind.

I didn't even notice the simul until now Annie! The bot ate all the posts!

The AARP of Boulder will also be attendance with their synchronized walker cotillion entitled "Gourd...or Goiter?"

You can actually buy the pictures from the event.

It should be noted that "20 pounds of orange flesh" WBAGNFAGarageB

Margaritaville - why? Really....why?

I guess some people really like pumpkins, Annie. I was kinda sorry I looked at the photos myself.

I started to look, expecting the worst. It coulda been worserer.

Y'know, if the Science Fair stumpeting tour isn't revived in order to tax-deductibly visit a book store in Boulder that night, Judi should definitely be fired.

I only clicked on the button that said "View Thumbnails" but I could see a LOT more than that!

This is why I live in Boulder. Also for the Naked Bike Ride in the Spring.

Annie, putting my head inside a slimy, gooey pumpkin is over the line. As is putting my head inside a turkey.

But it sure is funny to watch somebody else do it.

Sounds like someth[i]ng from the Coloversity of Unirado.

Well, they aren't naked if they have a pumpkin on their head....

Good point, KB... Plus, the photos (which I didn't click on, but Siouxie told me...) show them putting on shoes... In MY day, all the streakers wore was A SMILE!!!

And, as pumpkin stories go, this has pretty much been demonstrated to be an urban legend. But, as bizarre (not bazaar) as some of the articles posted on this blog have been, it COULD be true...

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