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October 28, 2008


Man drives drunk to protest drunk-driving charge

(Thanks to Dan Traylor)


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Honest, officer. I was exercising my right to free speech.

He should go back, because what are the odds that that would happen three times in a row?

They charged him with drink driving? A bunch of Pep®si drivers are in trouble if they go to Austria.

Is he the town's designated @sshat?

Please tell me he hasn't procreated!

Is he single? Siouxie wants to know.... *ducking*

People laugh, people say, "Oh, how dumb is that?"

Y'know what? That's what drinking makes people do.

I've only had 4 drinks in the three years I've been reading this blog because of the fear of someday being featured in it.

Thank you Dave. [B-D

No kidding, circuit7. My worst fear as well.
Dave's Blog - keeping people sober one drink at a time.

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