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September 20, 2008


Woman accused of assaulting mom and taking her mounted deer heads


This has been Your West Virginia Police Report

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Insom must be so proud -- first the UWV loss to unranked Colorado, and now this.

(Sorry, buddy, couldn't resist. ;-)

You can bet the Palin girls wouldn't dare try that...

Just getting her fair inheritance.

Vickie Cain, Cohen's mother, told Senior Trooper A. B. Ward Cohen and her 15-year-old daughter came to her home and after being asked to leave several times knocked open the front door, the complaint said.
In WV, punctuation seems to be even harder to find than teeth.

And who is that 'Bartlett' in the picture? Any relation to the story?

Until they learn how to write a clear sentence, I'm taking away their deer heads.

Did someone say something about Police Briefs?

This gal looks a bit like the one who took her 15 year old's place to be in high school and be a cheerleader. Are they related? And is this the mom or the kid?

Kathybear - it's West Virginia - she's a mom AND a kid.

deer heads , deer heads
moldy oldy deer heads
steal those deer heads
pack 'em up, drive!

Chris Berman announcing
"SHE.....COULD......GO.......ALL........THE......WAY......to the jailcell..."

Oh Jeff: SWOOON! And ahhhh, big city crime... doncha love it? (Apparently, animal heads were the only thing of real value in the trailer...)

Methinks eilbeback wants to take the law into her own hands.

*proud to be a West Virginian*

Like Annie said, the caption on the photo was "Julie Marie Bartlett", who has no apparent connection to the story. She oughta sue the paper; whatever she did to warrant getting mug shot, it probably wasn't this ... idiotic? inane?

... and perhaps the link should be removed here?

ms. bartlett's story here ...

good research, insom! Thank goodness didn't steal any deer heads. Just a stabbing.

Am I the only one who had difficulty reading (and understanding) this story? It wasn't very well written. Lousy journalistic skills!

If Darth Vader was from West Virginia:

"Luke, I am your father...and your cousin, too."

(Its OK. I'm from W.Va.)

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