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September 25, 2008


Adult fashion diapers

(Thanks to Siouxie and Dave Roe and queensbee and Woozy Barnes)


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No, that's not doing it for me.

And aren't they supposed to be worn under clothes?

Elon, that Depends.

"But if you make them attractive, then people can learn about them more easily," she said.

Keep trying. You're not there, yet.

Honey? Do these diapers make my butt look big??

Snork! Jeebus, I can't deal with this. woof.

pssssssst...no one tell Dave about the double posting k???

Put these on The Naked Clowns and get back to me.

uh oh, Jeff?? You're FIRED!! (on the next thread)

quick - put them on the naked clowns.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 03:56 PM on September 25, 2008

Gaaaaaaaaack! If they have to wear diapers, perhaps "Relax" wasn't the best choice for runway music...

*cranks up FGTH on the geezer bus radio*

Sorry Siouxie, didn't read the "double post" thread.

I thought the post beneath it was part of it....
Political Stunt Gone Wrong
What started as a publicity stunt to get more votes...

However that story got unfunny fast...

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