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September 30, 2008


Bride Gives Birth During Wedding

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I hope he's not expecting to get some nookie on the honeymoon.

Hey! Is that a champaign fountain?

Marg, I agree. That does put a damper on the hornymoon.

I will say this - she WAS determined to get married.

Time to cut the cake umbilical cord!

"Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you..."


"My water broke!"


*eeew/snork* @ oldmanatee!

Makes perfect sense, ya got the video guy and the photographer there, all the grandparents, saves everybody a trip. Good planning, I say.

"Oh, no, Bristol! Not now! Levi, catch that thing!

*pushing baby back in*

Water?? What water? Go on, Reverend, I'm getting HITCHED & having a party!

I understand 'Oh Promise Me' was replaced by 'Get Me to the Church On Time!'.


*snork* @ Mrs. Palin. Not sure I'd wanna catch that bouquet.

Here Comes the Bride. And contractions every two minutes.

"The bridge started giving birth in church"

Hmm. wonder if that was a covered bridge or a drawbridge.

That brings to mind Dave's admonition: never ask a woman if she's pregnant until you see the baby actually emerging from her body.

The Wedding Crasher?

Ever actually ask a woman if she's pregnant while you see a baby actually emerging from her body? 'Cause I can pretty much guarantee you'l get the answer Bill Cosby got. She will take your lower lip and freakin' pull it up over your head. So, no, it is NEVER ever safe to ask a woman if she's pregnant. I'm nowhere near pregnant, and you're irritating me now just mentioning it.

First Comes Love.
Then Comes Marriage.
Then about 5 minutes later, the baby in the baby carriage.

I do? I did, already!

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