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September 24, 2008


Our hotels have a very diverse clientele.


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sounds like spring break......

And, of course, Monkey Dander WBAGNFARB.

It's a shame that she was not provided with gloves...or towels... or a broom... or a vacuum... or a better story to make up... or....

I don't want to be the one staying in a hotel room recently inhabited by monkeys. It's just a thing I have...

*crosses Hampton Inn off list of hotels I will ever use*

Lemurs and monkeys and gators Oh My!

...on the next episode of 'dirty jobs'...

wow! i can't find a cheap place to stay with my dog, but the lemurs get a room?

"Bob the alligator"? No wonder the anacondas are kicking Okeefenokee @ss down there. Who's gonna fear a gator named 'Bob'?

"Rather, the allergic reaction was due to Plaintiff's own immune system."

We're also sorry your body can't tolerate botulism or salmonella. Maybe you should talk with your parents about your crappy immune system.

Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience.

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