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September 19, 2008



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Yarr, that be the truth.

Ok, fine! I won't touch...that.

Are those fingerprints I see? Yar, yar, yadda, yadda.

*Waves* at Hammie!!! ARRRRRR!

I be wavin' at ye, Annie lass!!!


I be wavin' at ye, too, Diva!!! Yarrrr and all that.

Aye, that thar will be up on my cubicle walls before the sun is below the yardarm.

Arrrrrrrrrrrr I be wavin' me sword at ye, Hammie!

Yo ho ho!!

He should add "Squirrels welcome".

Arrr, the ghost of cell phone past strikes again

Am I the only one who clicked on this to find an article about phone calls from the afterlife? Now it's a high voltage sign.

*cue eerie music*

Yes Cat, you R.

Arrrrb, did you see it? Am I crazy?

Indeed, Cat ARRRR!

and the sign said
'people touchin' this take a
big jolt and die'


Arrrr, two vastly different questions, Cap'n Tess. If your dinghy's knockin', don't bother knockin'...knees, that is.

*waves wee machete @ Hammie!*

Blasted bot - if your dinghy's Rockin', don't bother knockin'.
*switches to decaf grog*

*snarrrrrrrrrk* @ insom & Annie Port-a-Potty Mouth!

hey, y'all looka this......................zaph....

Avast, seamen. I done found yer treasure. Warnin', mates. NSFW, lest ye be toilin' fer Hugh "Loose Tooth" Hefner.

Somehow I be thinkin' there be scallywags dumb enough to touch it.

Aye, Pirate Lizzy. Me thinks yer right. Cap'n Darwin wins.

Here. Hold my grog.

Here. Hold my buckle.... (that's for the cowboys out there feeling neglected on TLAPD.)

Annie, both Lairbo and I posted that site under Walter's picture this morning. If judi isn't planning to issue a calendar of her own (12 provocative poses), I may just have to go with that one...

Now if I could just figure out which of these pirate wenches names is Siouxie, I have some news for her...

Sorry, Steve, I missed it. I was busy swabbin' the cap'n's masterquarters, IYKWIM.

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