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September 19, 2008


Guest Services at the Los Angeles County Fair (the largest county fair in the country, mind) has been instructed to talk like a pirate today!

Just thought you'd like to know.

-- Mr Completely


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Will Parrrrrrris Hilton be there?

aaaarrrh, we be on a roll with this now. soon, a national holiday.

ARRRRRRRRR! I be wantin' some fried arrrrrrrrrtichoke & elephant earrrrrrrrs!

Dang & Blast! Thar be a SigARRRRlert on the way to the Fair!

Where be the link to the rest of the story?

Arrrrgh, me collagen lips loves me some corn dogs!

Arrgh, for mary, and any other nosy landlubbers wishin' they be swashin' their buckles in LA.

Arrrrrrrr! I be wantin' to swash me buckles in yer city of scurvy angels, Annie!

A county fairrrrr, eh? Methinks there might be some employment opportunities fer a funny-lookin' pirate lass with a peg leg herrrrrrre.....

*buckles her swash, adjusts eye patch, takes rrrrrrresume along*

You'd be keelhaulin' yer grapnel for many hours on the freeway, Cap'n Helga.

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