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September 24, 2008


Man sues Md. doctor, says butt stapled shut

(Thanks to BAB in MD)


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World's Worst Name for a Rock Band:

Permanent Bowel Problems

duct tape would have worked better.

He's lucky he didn't 'splode....

He's full of it.

What a bunch of hot air...

russell, if you saw House last nite I think Foreman would agree with you...

UGH, Steve. I KNEW that dead guy was gonna BLOW!!

Much ickiness on House.

Steve- just what I was thinking!

...attorney emily malarkey....

'nuf said.

But you gotta give the writers credit, that whole concept of "cancer that isn't cancer" was brilliant, and convincingly rationalized even though you know the first thing on House's mind was pulling Wilson back into the loop...

Not so sure I buy the premise on Fringe though; you telling me that gel was so rigid the passengers couldn't break out of it and get off the bus? Also, what is Broyles doing handing macguffins over to Nina?? Is this going to end up like Heroes where you don't know who to trust??

Hmmm as they say in the business...ze plot thickens...
I did believe that premise on Fringe. I thought it was more like a resin and not a gel?? It looked like it was some sort of crystallized substance from the slide under the microscope, no??

I just found it hilarious that House had to PAY someone to basically be his friend.

Both awesome shows though. It made me miss DWTS!

um, ewwww. just. ewwww.

he's full of s**t

Staple problems?

He needs this.

17 days??? Them were some strong staples!

LA LA LA LA LA ... (covering eyes and not reading about last night's House because I have not yet watched it) LA LA LA LA!

so who got to catch the ensuing "discharge" when the doctor pulled the staples? and more importantly, what did it sound like? like janis joplin, i'm guessing.

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