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September 19, 2008


*Ye Auld Australian Association of Rum Ruddled Rapscallions


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But where 'as all the rum gone?!?

Arrrstralians! Avast! Shiver some timbers, ya swabs!

ARRRRRRRRRRR! Time ta put anotherrr shrrrimp on the barrrrrrrrbie, mateys!

"Polly want a Cracker"....Oh sorry, I misread the article...I thought it was Talk like a PARROT Day

I tip me three-cornered hat to ye, YAAARRR. I give to JDRF meself.

Do their handle-bar mustaches turn the opposite direction in Australia?

Since this year's TLAPD falls on a Friday, most celebrations will continue throughout the weekend.

Or until the grog be all consumed, don't 'e know.

*Snarrrrk* @ Arrrrrrrb and the Cap'n.

DPC, that be a right discouraging thought. Grab them oars, boys, we're gonna make a rum run!

"The AyePhone" -- Har!

Dastardly Diva, have you seen this?

ARRRRR! I be shiverin' HIS timberrrrrr 'n walkin' his plank IYKWIM!

Arrrggg! I took all yer rum fer meself! Me bad!

*looks at Helga's picturrrre*

*looks up "port" vs. "starboard"*

Port it is.

aaarrrr. y'all. southern pirate.

Ye be likin' the sworrrrrrrrrd, eh Cap'n Tess??

Consider me timbers shivered.

Cap'n Tess, that be a right jolly video! Blessed be ye fer postin' that!

(and *snarrrrk* for Pikachu, Arrrrrrrnold and the US Navy?)

Arrrr! It be time fer a rum break ...

Been busy saving the watery world from dangling participles, much like Cap'n Helga's splendid splinter. What did I miss?

Steve, thank ye. I'm aimin' fer that mug.

Pirates on horseback. Video, too, for any real drill team fans out there. More fun to do than to watch, IMO. Plus they slap swords at full gallop.

Ahoy, Annie! Ye not be missin' much 'round these waters. I been o'er in the poopdeck drinkin' me grog!

Beware, Cap'n Helga - still waters run Depp.

Then that be the point where ye be flippin yer boat o'er, Annie.

Yarrr, here I was thinkin' Sugar Diabetes was a Greek boxer. I must have termites in me peg leg.

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