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September 17, 2008


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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This page cannot be displayed

"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"



No can see, Dave.


I think the bloglits scared the page away

Let's guess by Dave's headline as to what it might have been. An IHOP on fire? A truck with bacon overturned? A clinic for chicken infertility caught fire?

Souffle flambe?

A mass flaming "Cool Hand Luke" re-enactment?

( I hope that was the right Paul Newman movie!)

Ok..who broke the thread???

Could it be this link? (When I hotlink it, it fries the web page.)


I think Cat R might be the winner.

Cat's link:

Fire crews respond to blaze at bacon-filled smokehouse at Corralitos Market
By Jennifer Squires
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Article Launched: 09/16/2008 03:56:26 PM PDT

A bacon-filled smokehouse at the Corralitos Market caught fire this afternoon and the market was closed while fire crews responded.

The fire was reported at 2:21 p.m. and was contained to one of four smokehouses behind the market, Corralitos Market owner Dave Peterson said.

"One of our smokehouses just had some bacon in it and got a little too hot," he said. "Rather than take a chance I just called the fire department."

Two engines from Cal Fires as well as crews from the Watsonville and Aptos/La Selva fire departments responded to the blaze, which was on Hames Road near Corralitos Road.

Priscilla Hedgepeth was up the road at the Corralitos Community Center with her husband when the fire started.

"We just thought it was smoke from the smokehouse," Hedgepeth said.

Peterson, the owner, said the market — known for its smoked meats — would still have a stocked butcher's case.

"The bacon's shot but all the sausage is good," Peterson said


Yes, that's the correct story. When I saw it, I just went "Mmmmmmmmm!"

Key phrase: "the market — known for its smoked meats"

OK, 2 engines and a total of 4 units responded to this???
"One of our smokehouses just had some bacon in it and got a little too hot," he said. "Rather than take a chance I just called the fire department."

I guess this guy would go to Nagasaki to get a little tan....

oldmanatee, you ever see how many cops show up when a Dunkin' Donuts is robbed?

Cops like their donuts, Firefighters like their smoked meat.

Both links redirect through some sort of "passport" checker which then is apparently supposed to pass you through with its blessing. So, the final passthru destination link is the only one that worked for me.

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