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September 26, 2008


"The Birds" Barbie


Barbie looks mighty cheerful, for a person being pecked to death.

(Thanks to Tinkerbell)


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go to the collectors page on the barbie site. the x-files SET is reall creepy.
barbie has taken a turn for the weird and whacko.

How about a revolving head, pea soup-spewing Exorcist Barbie? And of course a Norman Bates Ken with optional Mom skeleton...

...as if these weren't scary enough...

Is there a Midge/Suzanne Pleshette model?

Barbie looks mighty cheerful, for a person being pecked to death.

Well, Tippi Hedren never was much of an actress,

i agree. there should be more ken dolls. how about dan quayle?

I'm holding out for the "Teenager-hacked-to-pieces-by-the-Texas-chainsaw-massacre -dude" Barbie™

Is this the result of the Super Hedren Collider?

Queenie, I think a Bill Clinton doll would be a lot more popular...

i don't think the barbie "carrie" shower scene doll would be very popular.

Steve, can we stick pins in it, too? (I'm giddy with excitement!)

Maybe Clinton would be Steve, but you'll recall that Quayle made a rather notorious doll purchase of his own while in South America . . .

The Birds Barbie is pretty cool. It appeals to my anti-Barbie, pro-horror-flick nature.

(Speaking as a mom of daughters, who have owned approximately four gerjazillion inane, theme-of-the-week Barbies, most purchased by their collectaholic dad, many in duplicate so that the "pristine" in-box condition can be maintained for future sale at extreme profit, thereby paying for said daughters' college educations, in contrast to their mom's "sensible" practice of saving actual dollars in an actual bank.)

*sighs, goes up to the attic to rummage around for eldest's freshman year tuition*

Sure, as long as you stick with the Ken model, but this doll not such a good idea...

Ack. I'm gagging looking at my own link. Can we take a bird from the Tippi doll and have it aim for the middle of Disney Barbie's belt? One good peck and it should be able to snap that freak's "waist" in two.

DOn't remind me, Cat. We have money in WAMU.

Cat, are you starting to see the Arabs' point ?

Jeff, us too. Not much, though. We are careful to spread our wealth around so that we keep just under a hundred thousand in each of our many banks.

*SNORK!* Ah, I kill me...

does she say "Ornithology is hard!"
or "Some club soda will remove those white streaks !"
or "I hope the boys will like me with one eye pecked out!

Speaking of which, did you know there is a way to light a barbie on fire without damaging it? We haven't quite succeeded yet, but preliminary results show only minor fire damage.

*snork* at Steve!

I tried, I really did, to introduce the anti-Barbie in our household when the girls were toddlers. Some company made a doll that came with a book, career stories, suitable accessories, and clothing pertinent to the job the doll was supposed to hold. Teacher, lawyer, doctor, etc.

The dolls were normal-looking and proportionately sized, body-wise.

They immediately ended up in the bottom of the toy bin. The clothing was not interchangeable with any other 11-inch dolls, the feet had normal arches, the hair was not My-Little-Pony tail-mane quality, and they were doomed to failure. I tried to resurrect them, but fighting Barbie is harder than it looks.

I'm more into collecting bobbleheads.

*mmmm Adrian Barbeau 'Swamp Thing' Barbie*


*SMACKS* the bobblehead offa JayBee's link!

Man, the longer I hang around this blog, the more violent I get. Must be that Idaho influence.


That was just wrong...

Night of The Living Dead, with Barbie, Skipper and Ken.

My mother would have bought that for me as a child, but only to send a message.

Hey! I sent this in over a month ago and also put it on my birthday wish list.

That's so Raven.

Judging by where that one bird is aiming he's truly earned the title of "pecker."

Nevermore. Chartreuse is so '90's.

My boys were more into the likes of this guy.

Dr. Bob, Skeletor and He-Man were my son's favorites too. Many I night I "found" one under my foot in the darkness.

Layzeeboy, how about Transformers...?

Steve, did you mean Transformers?

muy nephew only wanted to pull the head off his sister's barbie....he was 3. she was 5. screamed. we thought it was funny. and she had a jillion of them. maybe my sister can sell em all on ebay.

I used to chop my barbie's hair all up and draw tattoos all over them. I made one completely bald for some reason, I know not why. Just bored.

I made one completely bald for some reason, I know not why. Just bored.

Yeah, God did the same thing to me.

fivver, you had Chemo Barbie too?

queensbee : Have you seen the episode of Curb your Enthusiasm where Larry helps a little girl cut the hair on her doll, then when the Mom finds out he takes the head off another doll to replace it? Susie Essman in the driveway is one of the funniest scenes ever.

BTW, the X-Files giftset is : No longer available from Mattel.
But Barbie certainly has that "Grease" cast covered...

I still prefer 'Divorced Barbie.' She comes with all of Ken's stuff. :)

I'm kinda partial to "Trailer Trash Barbie", Annie. Fully accessorized with a double-wide, spandex pants & tube top/bra outfit, chewin' tabacci & a 12-pack of Coors.

Does anyone know when "Reefer Barbie" comes out?

"Dude, math is hard, but these brownies are soft!"

"Trailer trash Barbie?" I think somebody makes a Britney Spears action figure that has that pretty much covered...except maybe for the scale-model double wide...

Ahem, for the record, trailer-trash Barbie prefers Bud. Here's proof. Here's more proof.

I liked this one, too. Although she doesn't have many clothes, and she doesn't say anything. :(

I've seen a Halloween costume that looks like that

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