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September 26, 2008


Oh, they mean drugs.


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They're not growing their own already? It's a cash crop, guys!

FIRST to say I'd rather have our Gov't growing dope than running our banks.

Our congress is growing dopes already, unfortunately.

galDRAT my busted browser refresh key, and galdrat you too, Suzy my nemesis!

I think all the nations should grow pot and have monthly gatherings to test each other's crop.

Then we would truly have peace and harmony throughout the world.

And munchies.

Dude, don't bogart the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine.

We have the blog bar, but do we have the blog marijuana field.

If we are going to compete with other blogs, WE NEED OUR OWN WEED!

Chill out, padraig. Here, have a cig.

*sets up lights and sprinkler system for 'blog bog.'*




Thanks Suze. Hey, it's 4:20 somewhere in the world.

tru dat, p!

duuuuude. that was cool. i riffed off yer spliff,thanks padraig.
what? what? no contact highs on line?
no way.
pffft, that's silly.
anybody got any food?

I cannot believe that noone here has yet mentioned that "The Ministry of Indigenous Medicine" WBAGNFARB!!!!

soooo...... when's that pizza getting here?

Cannibis makes ANY medicine MUCH better...

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