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September 19, 2008


Two people have been charged in a fight that broke out between neighbors attending a baby shower Sunday, during which a woman knocked another unconscious with a shovel and a man allegedly threatened a crowd with a shotgun.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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The participants must have hailed from Florida.

Shovels? Shotguns? Sounds like a zombie movie. Knock 'em dead, boys.

Those Mormons sure are a lotta fun!

Arrr! Sounds like me relatives had a right jolly time! Arr!!

I had the chance to attend a baby shower once in my life, before our oldest was born. And man, I gotta be honest, it was a LOT less than exciting than that. (Though to this day I still can't help saying "Awwwwwww!" whenever anyone holds up a onesie...)

They reproduce . . .

Idiocy is international; I saw a fistfight break out between parents at a puppet show for little kids at the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris . . .

Given that it happened in Utah, alcohol may NOT have been involved.

Shoddy journalism. They left out the WHY.

I bet that baby's mullet is already growing in the womb. Poor baby.


Redneck shower games?

the woman was unconscious until the police arrived?? then she suddenly woke up?
i agree. poor reporting. they probably were debating whether it was butter or parkay.
and out there in mormon land, no drinking, and no coffee or tea - so it must have been the refined air, yeah, that's the ticket.

A shotgun for the father, sure, if the baby is a girl.
But a shovel? What kind of shower present is that? Sheesh. Some people have no sense of etiquette. What would Ms. Manners say?

Sadly, Braniff, alchohol was most certainly involved ! We learned this last trip to Sundance, that the Secret Order of Closet Drinking Mormons has quadrupled in the last 5 years. Only now, they travel to Wyoming to get their hooch.
Wouldn't do to go to the state store like the rest of the heretics and possibly get found out !

arrrr! name three body parrrts ye'd wish to be shot in!

ARRRRRR! They be missin' a sharp machete for a real fun time!

They were fightin' over who be making the beer run to Wyoming.
Instead of rock, paper, scissors, they play shovel, slingblade, shotgun.

I don't understand how this happened in Utah and not Florida.  Of course, they would have had to substitute the shovel and shotgun for a machete and dead chicken.

Aye, Wench. How true that be.

i guess none of them needed hitting on the head lessons.

What kind of shower present is that? What would Ms. Manners say?

Gentle bloglit - Thank you for asking.

It depends on the amount of solid matter one expects to find in the tike's nappies. Certain Redneck families take a great deal of pride in the prodigious weight of their offspring's output. I'm sure this mother meant well by bringing a shovel to the baby shower. However, impacting another guest's head with said gift is in poor taste indeed.

*SNORK* @ Ms. Manners !

If this is how they behave at the baby shower, imagine the raucous hilarity that might ensue at the first birthday party!

Loved the address where this happened.

"Yeah, my Plumbago was acting up that day!"

I live at the home that hosted the baby shower. Alcohol was a HUUUUUUGE factor and NONE of the parties were MORMON...NONE!!!! This story was the most poorly reported story ever in Utah!! The baby shower ended at 7:30pm and the fight was later at 2:00am...never happened during the baby shower at all, in fact several hours afterwards!! Once again the reporter basically came up with thier own story and turned it into a publisher and BAM you all know everything right?? LOL notta chance!!

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