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September 17, 2008


Key Reassuring Quote: "When you have to swim, the lion doesn't care about eating nobody."

(Thanks to mama723)


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Lions don't like to eat soggy humans....there's no satisfying CRUNCH!

"After the storm passed, the lion's caretakers fed it pork roast to keep it happy."

Keep that pork coming.

There's also apparently a tiger loose on Bolivar Peninsula (now Bolivar Island, due to damage), but on the news this morning, they said, "he's an old tiger, and everybody knows him, so nobody's very concerned."

This was the key quote that me made me go, "uhhhh...what?"

"I look up, the house is coming on us," he said.

I think they're missing an "in".

I think he's lion.

He who is without Simba can cast the first chop.

I still keep thinking of...

♫ We um bum a way...♬

"I'm either too good, the devil won't have me, or I'm so bad the Good Lord won't take me. That's a good toss-up." Now there's my belief... And my DH's, too...

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