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September 24, 2008


Bruce has been put out to stud. We have no doubt that he is qualified.



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Remove thee to a piggery!

Dang. Look at the size of those...er...ears!

Awww.. She fixed his bad eye for him. Remember the Aesop fable about the lion and the thorn? Clearly, the pig is now in love with her.

So what's the pro...

*gets a look at the pig's 'nads*

Um, yeah. Ma'am, back away.

Gues he's officially a baller.

The 80 kg (176 pound) pig, nicknamed Bruce"

That is not a 176 LB pig. He's considerably heavier than that, unless somebody has done some Photoshop-ping.

That's a farmhouse???

a piggery????
g'day bruce!

He definitely has the Cojones for the job!

pogo, his balls testicules are 80kg.

oops... tosses up the missing s for my comment above

oops again.. the s needs to be tossed up to Margaritaville's post - not mine.

lotta s's flying around here.

Get your t-shirts right here!

I've seen bigger.......I'd post my web site (www.jiantjazzzz.oink), butt the not won't let me.

or the Bot, either......

This is an example of what is so wrong with this world! Here this obviously endowed boar takes this poor woman hostage for 10 days, then instead of punishing the swine perpetrator they reward him by sending him off to a pig stud farm.

Don't they realize that now every amorous boar will taking any old lady hostage they come across in hopes of also being sent to a stud farm.

If they would have made this thug swine into bacon instead of sending him off to make bacon then more of these sad hostage situations would not occur.

All he really wanted was to get laid. I can relate.

Oh nutz. Bruce just wants to poke fun.

Sarah Palin is jealous.

WAVES at Olo!

Actually, folks, she was trying to leave the bus farmhouse to go play a didgeridoo, and he was trying to protect her...

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