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September 19, 2008



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Scurvy bilge rats!

RRRRR- ats?

The rats abandoned me sinking ship!

Consarrrrrn it... I wuz thinkin' I were first! And they saved the man later- were they waitin' on him to be charrrrrbroiled or whut?

Arrrrr. Sorrrry. Dif'rent fire...

Remember, there's only one letter's difference between pest and pet.

And exactly how "quick thinking" does a person have to be to call the fire deparrrrtment when a fire alarrrrm goes off?

MAC, there's not much difference between rats and hamsters, either.

'An I don' want neither of 'em on me ship, Tess. Arrr!

I loved me pet rats! That story be bringing tears to me dry eyes and warmth back to me hardened pirate heart.

Arrrrrrgh! Get ye scurrrrvy rats outta me sight! A one way trip to Davy Jones' lockerrrr for the lot o 'em!

Now where be the cabana boy young good fer nothin' sprog with me rum??

Cap'n Helga (good sturdy Cuban name, that) be ye so disposed, ye might check out me viewin' tip back there with the arrrrgonomic keyboard iffin' ye don't plan ter be layin' around the galley quaffin' grog all night...

Aye, and they abandoned the roaches with neér a thought.

Crews were out again at 7.45pm to rescue a man trapped in a 16-storey block of flats in Craigour Avenue, Moredun, when a pan of food caught fire.

Arrgghh, the scurvy knaves did'st a second time cause a notice!

Says to Cap'n Helga

Yer rum, me lady?

Sweep, sweep...

I know, me laddies, I'm comin' in late to the cast-off, so d'know if some knave's already done this... Arrrgghh!

or even...


You guys are TOTALLY nuts... which is why I come to this blog... ROTFLMFAO!!!...


sprog, I think you be the first!

Lady?? Where be a lady???

Young sprog! I be gettin' out me cat o'nine tails ready for a good floggin' if ya spill a drop of me good rum!

This looks like a pirrrrrate ship te me...

Thpeaking of pirate thips...

Open your mouth. Thtick out yer tongue. Grab it with yer fingerth.

Hold onto yer tongue, while repeating ten timeth:

"I was born on a pirate ship."

Hilarity will enthue.

(An old favorite of the thcurvy Knocknees children...)

I can't believe I just tried that. And I must admit I'm grinning.

Avast and belay those snickers you scurvy scalawags! Arrr! I'll have the hide off o' the lot o' ya!

Alas, I be retirin' to me bunk now...

It's been a cannon blast, folks!

*Jezebel from talklikeapirate.com paid us a late-night visit on the first (Walter) thread of the day. Thanks for the fun, Jezebel, Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket!*

Swashbuckles out®

Off-topic: the state of Georgia is preparing to execute a man whose guilt is highly dubious on 9/23/08.

Details at http://action.aclu.org/savetroy

Wi' two female cap'ns upon said ship, me thinkin', "sprog" should either, 1) abandon ship; or 2) Say, "God love me!" Me goin' wi' the latter, mates, and to 'ell wi' the rest!!!

better still Although, when my dad played this song on the guitar around the campfire when I was about 6 or 7, the verse was NOT "put him in the bed with the captain's daughter"... it was sumpin like, "tie his hands and then keelhaul him..." I still don't know why those lyrics were changed... Hmmm...

Keelhaul, schmeelhaul: can't we all just get along?

Your turn in the barrel, Jim boy!

Slinks in®

*looks around*
*picks up empty grog jugs, places boots in the boot rack*
*lowers the Jolly Roger, folds it and puts it away until next year*
*sheaths all swords, gently placing the lone machete in its place of honor*

*puts out gourmet coffee, imported cheeses, scones and jam*


Arrr Good morning, my refined friends...

stretches, yawns

Good 'f ya' ta clean up, lassie Morning, Cat!

btw, "The Lone Machete" WBAGNFARB... (Siouxie told me...)

Hiho, frodo.

Looks like everyone's slow to raise the sails this morning.

It dawned on me in the evening that although I had typed like a pirate all day, I hadn't actually talked like a pirate all that much. So I spent my last few waking hours catching up on "arrrrr"s, and "shiver me timbers", and "ye scurvy dog", out loud.

Mostly to myself.

Butt, at least I could go to sleep with a clean conscience.


"Talk Like a Pirate Day" is kind'a like this

Ooh, I haven't seen Brigadoon in decades.

*zips over to Amazon.com*

So, Cat R, arrrrrr are you going to wake up the next morning have a clean conscience come next TLAP day?

Hey Cat, you hearing echoes, too? Where Arrrrr are folks?

Hmm. Don't know, but remember, since TLAP landed on a Friday, this weekend is also fair game for TLAP parrrrties. They might all be recharging their batteries.

And, yes, I'll be more vocal next year. I spent much of the day at home yesterday, with only the scurvy dog to listen to me anyway.

My older daughter is going to be a pirate lass this Halloween. She already bought her costume last week. It runs in the family, I guess.

Mighty quiet around here today. Too quiet...

Shall I sing? ♫♫

Yeah, you're not kidding. I wonder wassup...

Well, I will be slinking out shortly. Headed to see the comedy "Ghost Town" with the fambly.

The Ebert review says Ricky Gervais's character "dies" for a few minutes during a colonoscopy, after which he sees ghosts.

Blog fodder fer sure.

an appropriate Cat song for the occasion...

Ha! Steve, that was fun!

pogo, welcome! Blog Bar is open!! Being the "Day After 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'" (I did'na didn't know how to contact either you or Cat R directly, just through this blog.) I sent out an e-mail to some of the other bloglits, but since I've traded some barbs with the both o' ye', arrrgh! you two, I need to open up said blog bar, 'cause me my mom is in ICU following shoulder surgery... ever' thing seems OK... jus' asking, if you pray, well, please pray... If you don't pray, well, now might be a good time to start!... No, it sounds like she's going to be fine, but, obviously, being my mom, I'm a little worried right now, so I appreciate any thoughts/prayers/concerns ya'll throw my way!

Scott (Frodolives...)

Still, kinda hard to sleep with all those cats stomping around...

Where's Siouxie? She owes me a book report review of last night's "Stargate: Atlantis"...

Good point, Steve... WHERE IS Siouxie?... (looks around for machete...)

frodo, I do pray, and your mom's been added to my daily list.

Also, just click on my name. That will take you to my blog, which has an email in my profile.

As for pirate-like cat songs, how's this?

OK, when he looks at you with THOSE EYES, back away verrrrry slowly...

and Frodo, don't worry, she'll be fine...

...as long as she didn't go to a Providence hospital...

Looks like the blog is up and running now.

And I must run as well. Bye for now, blogits!

Slinks out®

To All,

Just got a call from my sister, apparently they are discontinuing mom from the breathing tube and moving her out of ICU into a regular room!!! That, I believe, is totally because of YOUR prayers, and I appreciate every one of them! Thanks, buds! ("Wheww..." Time to order in!!!!! Pizza and blog bar? Somebody gonna give me a mojito??)

YAY! That's great news, frodo!

Um..Steve. I um...kinda fell asleep whilst watching (I was tired, not that it was boring)...so sorry ;-) Next time!

Siouxie, the episode will be repeated next Friday at 9, right before the new episode at 10. You have to see it or tape it, it's practically a duet for Ronon and my man Rodney McKay, and those blasted Wraith! If you watched the old Stargate show, Michael Shanks (Dr Daniel Jackson) will return in the 10 PM episode...

Slinks in®

frodo, so glad to hear your good news!

Slinks out®

*moves up the blog to read other threads*

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