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September 12, 2008


(Sent in by many people)


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Sounds like Willy has gone Wonka.

and some jars of drug-laced honey.

In a related story, Winnie the Pooh has just checked into the Betty Ford Clinic.

I used to color-code my M&M cookies. Two green M&M cookies on top = duuuude. I would NEVER do that now. Kids, stay in school.

This is your brain.

This is your brain on Jujubes.

This is your jujube.
This is your jujube on ganja.

See what happens when you ban public smoking?? People get creative!

Nah, fivver - he's still hung up on the iceberg on the last thread.

Without being able to read the story, I'm going to guess it's about drug laced sweets. If so, Andy Dick is probably trying to score some as I type this.

This is a biofeedbag mechanism.

Move this stuff to the ABBA museum. You'd have a reason to visit there, and their music would sound much better.

This could create a perpetual munchie cycle:

Dude, I've got the munchies; gimme some of that chocolate.

Dude, I've still got the munchies; gimme some more chocolate.

Dude, I've REALLY got the munchies; gimme some more chocolate...

This is you brain.

This is your brain on ABBA ZABBA.

Melts your brain, not your hand!

who can take a mushroom?
and blow your little mind?
expand all your perceptions and
destroy your sense of time,
the candy man can!

who creates a truffle
with a psilocybin heart?
makes German TV funny and
george w. seem smart
the candy man can!

the candy man can 'cause his recipes
are guaranteed to make your trips end good

the candy man breaks
laws for goodness sake
straight-laced and so officious
talk about being seditious
can't blame him if he's suspicious!

who will send your brain stem
into the stratosphere?
bring you back so all you say
is "dude, dave's not here!"
the candy man can!

Wonderful news folks! Prayer works! An angel whop-whop-whop-whopped in and plucked my brother's friend and her dog to safety! In fact, if you see a woman with a dog being interviewed on the tube, thats her.

Where the h3ll's the blogbartender...

snork @ insom. good one. pass the cannnnddddyyyyy...

Yay, fivver! I believe the blogbartender is stuck in Galveston. Guess he got busted for watering down the drinks. Never fear, though.

Wish I had some Abba Zabba right about now. All 3 kids are "really bored" and are demanding money to "go do stuff" or else they will stare at me all night. All kidding aside, we're praying for all our family &neighbors who stayed behind on the coast. Spit in Ike's eye and tell him to take a hike.

mmmmm. Thanks Annie. And look, there's Geraldo right on the beach.

Yay, insom. Hate that song, but kudos for working 'psilocybin ' into a poem. I've been trying for years to do that.

fiv - I wish Geraldo were out there. But I bet his mustache is a flotation device.

I hope all the bloglits are able to get out of the hurricane area.

My dad's sister became severely ill with bacterial meningitis two days ago and has been in the ICU of her local hospitalin TX. She is very weak but they have been able to stablize her, today she was more lucid but still in critical condition (she is 73).

Now the authorities are rush evacuating her entire hospital and we're not sure where she'll end up. All we can do is hope she gets to a good place and that the transfer doesn't cause her any further problems.

Please pray for everyone who is affected by the storm.

Not to brag, but I saw "The Magic Mushrooms" open for "The Marshall Tucker Band" in the late '70's...

Excellent, insom!

Doc Rick, where did y'all end up?

DavCat, from what I've seen, the evacs are being handled very efficiently. We're all praying, here.

fivver, that is terrific news. From what I've just heard, anyone still left is on their own--wind's too high to attempt rescues.

Hallelujah, fivver! *raises a thankful glass in a toast to God* That's what mercy is all about. :)

*wipes a tear for Insom Davis Junior's wonderful rendition of a classic*

Ducky! Tell me you're out of range of Ike?

TOTALLY OT/ Want to say to Steve R, Sioxie, Meanie, and Suzy, I went to bed before catching your (not you're) comments yesterday, but THANKS! I really knew folks weren't "blowing off" yesterday, but I know that it's hard to talk about and that people are wanting to move along... I guess it's me that drags my feet about moving along... I'm just patriotic in a way, that... well, it's tough to move along; 9/11 will affect me the rest of my life, and from comments, some of the bloglits were even more closely affected than me... to them, my prayers and condolences... Please forgive me for my selfishness. /NOT OT... this is serious!

I'm very sorry.


Praying for all of the blogits and their loved ones during Ike. Fivver, that's wonderful news... I kept thinking about her! And frodo: Did you catch "102 minutes that changed the world" on the History Channel the other night??? I Tivo'd it and i had to walk away for a bit... Very graphic and powerful; like it's happening all over again. Hang in there everyone and THINK VELCRO!

Oh my god, fivver, I just checked out this thread to see if you had any more news on your friend's friend! I was almost afraid to look or ask. That just gave me chills. I am so glad to hear that. I was just so sure she was a goner.

frodo, I, for one, will never forget. Down here, coverage of Ike has overshadowed everything else. (((frodo)))

Diva, we're supposed to get a fair amount of wind and a couple of inches of rain from Ike, based on the latest predictions. Of course, if he heads further west after coming onshore, we'll get a lot more.

I was a small child in San Antonio when Carla hit. It was scary as heck, and we were a couple of hundred miles inland.

eilbe, missed it! Can you heads-up me on any replay or e-mail me somp'n on it?

frodo, with my mother's death so close at hand (a scant 11 days ago), I simply couldn't watch yesterday's coverage, but I will also never forget.

OK, "me bads" for thinking folks weren't caring when they didn't respond to my links... I know you all cared (and still do), and I want everyone of you to know, I love all of you, and I'm the one who needs to move along... It's difficult...


insom - excellent as always!!

frodo - nothing wrong with dealing with it the best way YOU know ;-)

fivver - YAY!! awesome news. I'm sure your brother is very relieved. I just feel horrible for those first responders that will now have to risk THEIR lives because of the ones that did not evacuate. They can't blame the government or FEMA or the NHC. There were told to get the HELL outta dodge. Period.

Duckness, I'm glad to know your baby is home and safe with YOU.

*praying for the rest*

{{{{DIVA}}}} My condolences on the passing of your mother. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Fivver - I saw your note on the earlier thread and was praying for your brother's friend. Glad to hear the good news.

Frodolives - I couldn't post yesterday (I'm reduced to blurking while at work), but I too will not forget. The insurance company I was temping at lost most of their upper management that day, as their home office was in Tower 1 on one of the floors above the impact. What a nightmare...

Speaking of idiots...

Geraldo gets swept away!

Diva, my sincerest condolences... please read my latest post on yesterday... I was very selfish, and I do apologize. It's just that, 9/11 hit me really hard. I didn't even KNOW anyone personally affected by the attack, but I had to do double-duty as usher and groomsman for a friend on the 15th because, his groomsman was in New York and with the flight restrictions, he couldn't make it to Tucson!

There is an upside to that story, if you want to hear (not here) it...

Siouxie and Kristie, thanks- I was a jerk ("but then, I'm a guy, soooooo....., you're point is????"), but you were both very sweet with your comments...

To all the family and friends... "Some gave all!" We love and miss them! God bless you!!)


Siouxie, I saw that. *Snork*

The important thing for me is that the girlduckling is safe. We'll just have to cross our wings that her apartment doesn't flood and wipe out her stuff. She has renter's insurance, but it doesn't cover flooding. Now if something smashes her windows in, and rain soaks everything, she's covered.

Wish she'd taken that 3rd floor apartment...

Ducky, we are holed up in Killeen through Sunday. The Hotel 6 we're staying in is filled mostly w/people who live very near us. Just left an impromptu party w/10 people from my hometown. We may not have houses to go back to, but we'll have a good time until then.

Glad you're high and dry, Doc. So to speak. Wings crossed for you, too!

All, thanks for your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, whatever! My brother's releived but from new reports she's not the only one. Sio, they've pulled the responders from the streets until this thing passes. They're telling anyone out there now to just take a permanent marker and to write their social security number on their arms.

Frodo, I saw the posts yesterday, but just couldn't respond. But we will never forget.

Meant to add: so keep those folks still out there in your mind.

Ducky?? I can arrange for my cousin Chucho to "accidentally" throw a rock or two and break that window ;-)

Oh and Geraldo is still out there in the middle of the storm. OY.

Rick, good to know you're hunkerin and still having a nice time. The most important thing is that you're safe.

Siouxie, thanks. We'll keep that in mind. ;-)

And I'm renaming Mr. Rivera "Geraldoh!"

Sheesh. I am done for this evening, but I am texting everyone a double.

But it has been a weird day. Go figger.

Duuuuuuuddddddeeeee, can you pass me a truffle?

*smooch* Med!!!

fivver, I saw that. Very scary. Yes, we'll keep praying for them...even if they're boneheads ;-)

Seriously. I wish them the best.

Frodo - no sweat.
Fivver - plenty of sweat. (And when she's out of harm's way and calmed down and within reach, please give her a smack on our behalf)

Diva - my deepest sympathies to you. That's a pain like no other, and it's gonna hurt for a while.

Good luck to all you Gulf Coasters and Gulf Coasters-in-law.

Diva, like what Meanie said (but first and better, as usual), my deepest sympathies and regards.

Diva...condolences on your loss. Know that you and the Hunkerers of Ike (NOT AGNFARB) are in our hearts and prayers. Nite.

Slinks in®

Glad to hear that good news, fivver. If the lady's initials are M.U., and she has a pretty golden retriever, she's in one of the videos in this link. (About three or four videos in -- they play in sequence.)

{Hugs to Diva}

Diva...I lost my dad and then my mom both in the last nine months. I'm a pretty frail reed at the moment, but I'm with you in spirit and blogsisterhood.

Frodo...Not to worry. Gotta deal with stuff however you do it best.

Prayers and good thoughts of dryness and electricity and safety to all in peril...

fox news reports that geraldo was 'taking the high ground' (possibly for the first time).

If it was anywhere above sewer level, I'm sure he's suffering from altitude sickness...

My family is from East Texas.

I guess I want you to know something; I wrote the Oil Spill Contingency Plan, It didn't start out that way, it was just a project when I was a kid, fresh out of grad school.

I promise you, I wrote this.

I wrote the Oil Spill Contincey Plan for the Arab American Oil Company, the basis of the plan everybody has purchased. That was me. 26 years ago, I'm the one that brought in flrst French and then Spanish speakers.

I thought I was making it better; what I did was make it the accidental standard.

I fly, off the handle, sometimes.

Thanks to all who have responded- I've sobered up now, so... thanks for being designated driver to a fellow blogger! You guys (and gals women) are great!

Now that I'm sober, can SOMEBODY OPEN UP THE BLOGBAR?!?!?!?!?

Frodo and anyone else: "102 Minutes that Changed the World," and a 20-minute interview with the videographers, will be replayed on The History Channel, Sunday at 8pm EDT. It's a "not to miss" show. No commercials... just stark and powerful images that changed the world, literally. Record it if you can because you may -- like I did -- need to step away from it for a bit to gather your wits.

Diva and Betsy: I lost my little sister (suicide) and my mom within 4 months of each other this year. Life is very precious now, moreso than before. I hear my mother in my head daily and miss her more than words can say. And I struggle with anger and angst about my sister. I pray a lot more these days, and have my faith to keep me going. One thing I've discovered about myself is that I don't care much about what people think of me any more; I just want to make people laugh (to see their smiles) and to laugh out loud at absurdity and the joys of this life. (I know that sounded like a sermon, but so what?) You all are an inspiration to me every day... I'm honored to be among you.

((((((((((eilbeback & Betsy))))))))) Sorry to hear about your loss and the same goes for the others. Having lost my own mom two years ago, I know how devastating it can be.

Right now I am praying for two very dear friends of mine from this blog that are going through a very rough time. I am hoping that soon, they will be back to enjoy the laughter and love we all share on here.

Anywho....time to laugh (watching Geraldo's wipe out...again) ;-)

ellie and Betsy, so sorry for your double losses, and to everyone else going through the same.

ellie, I did see "102 Minutes..." Very powerful and definitely worth watching.

Sioux, thanks for posting the Geraldo link. What a douche!

Do I smell bacon?

well, if you do smell bacon i hope it isnt that renegade cow! i like her free spirit.

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