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September 30, 2008


(Thanks to Steve Hammond)


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That is what they are born for.

Yeah yeah..always blame it on the beavers.

I'd like to register as a beaver advocate.

*behaving herself this time*

*will not link, will not link, will not link...*

*fingers snapping*

"The beavers already have two lodges and a 30-foot dam near Escobar Street, plus two more dams further downstream."

Ain't that how it always works? Ya put up a nice log structure for your beaver and in no time it wants something bigger and better.

"The beavers are not running jewelry heists under the city of Martinez."

Bling always brings out the beast in them.

"The beavers seem healthy and happy,"

There's nothing better than a healthy and happy beaver, I always say.

Geez, Emma. I always say that too.

I sent this one in too. My initial response when I saw the headline was that the beavers were somehow contributing to our current financial meltdown. Most likely in cahoots with the squirrels. I decided to ignore any other possible interpretations.

Ya know...they were there first. Someone needs to stand up for all beavers. They're always getting stiffed.

Let me get this right, they're driving piles into beavers?

Why did the phrase "celebrity beavers" make me think of Paris Hilton? And why am I now picturing teeth... down there?

Random, because you are seriously disturbed. I love it.


Leave it to Beavers.

"Still, the construction could be perilously traumatic for the busy rodents, beaver supporters say."

Now, who among us is not a beaver supporter?

My bank failures are usually related to beavers.

Beavers? This calls for a random ramparts auction . . .

Meanie, is that a female jockstrap??

Alternate thread title:

Now those terrorist bastards are using beavers (to ruin our economy!)

Now just because the Beavers beat the Trojans in football last week doesn't mean they get blamed for elverythang.

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