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September 24, 2008


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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This is news?

Here in Arkansas we call that Wednesday....

Stupid Lothians.

Should'a used her horn, stupid cow.

Road kill BBQ!!! Who's bringing the bbq sauce?

Hey, diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow was struck by a car
The people had a lucky escape
The cow became steak tartare.

I'll fire up the grill!!

i think this is a conspiracy against the bovines.... what with mooses and cows, and, well, just pass that bbq sauce, will ya?
i think it is that bobby flay guy myself.

believe me, it coulda been lots worse...

WOW Steve. I guess it coulda been a lot worse.

I'm just picturing the poor shmuck in car #3 of the pileup on his cell phone trying to explain why he's so late coming home. And then going through the same thing with the insurance company. I'd probably just put a copy of the police report on the claims guy's desk, say "I'll be back when you're done laughing," and go for a walk.

An elephant? Really, an elephant?? I freak when I see an opossum, or deer. An elephant would be beyond belief! "How to erect a circus tent in twenty seconds" could be a new how-to video.

So now Mexico imports roadkill?

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