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September 28, 2008


The life-threatening formation of a Bacon Tiara.

(Thanks to CJrun)


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That is WAAAAAY more disgusting than the Bat-in-Coffeemaker story.

*runs away to shampoo hair*

That is WAAAAAY more disgusting than the Bat-in-Coffeemaker story.

*runs away to shampoo hair*
*wonders if this is going to double-post*


This is what cj does while watching pointy ball?

Yeah, Guin, but Bacon Tiara is AGNFARB.

Mmmm....bacon! Gimme.

A pageant winner should not wear this. Only Miss Congeality.


You can have breakfast and condition your hair all at once!

If you keep kosher can you wear this? just askin'.

Irish dancing tiara.
Irish bacon tiara.

This has been your Irish tiara educational minute.

Wow, CJ. No wonder crossgirl likes you better than me. The tiara *I* sent her only lights up.

Key quote: "We cannot be held accountable for any mishaps you might have while working with transglutaminase."

Yeah, try THAT on yer ex's divorce lawyer!

I love bacon. This is twisted.

Twisted bacon is not good. Twisted bacon in hair is even worse. BLECH!

That site is hilarious. I particularly like the Vlad the Impaler hand-crocheted earflap hats.

what? ya'll don't have one of these?
you should see the strappy sandals cj's gonna make for me as soon as he gets a new haz suit.

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