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September 25, 2008


Wearable airbag for the elderly unveiled

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I've fallen and I've bounced back up!

Doesn't Michelin already make this?

This definitely needs video.

Where's the video? I need to see the demo.

*smacks* the bot!

It would be amusing if it goes off by mistake.

Don't know about video, but it was pictured on Gizmodo...

What's all this about unveiling the elderly?

"That's a lovely airbag you have there, Mrs. Grumpowski."
"That ain't an airbag - that's my @ss! Now get off my lawn!"

*child goes to hug grandma a little too hard*
*pillow inflates sending child flying across room*

*snork* at Margaritaville for the flying child visual

Hey, Mville, I know a guy who had a heart attack triggered by his granddaughter doing one of those leap at grandpapa and land on his chest hugs....

Kathybear, I had no idea hugs could be so dangerous! I'm hoping he was okay, but I'm kind of afraid to ask now.

Yipes. Come to think of it, the naked clown calendar could probably trigger a similar reaction.
*starts Christmas gift list for ex-inlaws....*

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