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September 24, 2008



Does one perform the job appropriately and bag the tofurkey, or follow one's conscience and destroy the evil substance, thereby saving the world one plasti-pak at a time?

(Thanks to Siouxie for the photo)


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First to commend Dave!


Psst -- Dave. I'm still looking for a job. Think ya can put in a good word for me?

What, and have the tofurkey end up in a landfill somewhere ?! That's just eeeeevil !!

tofurkey is e-vil. put it at the bottom of the bag with the canned stuff. do the same with the 'not-dog' hotdogs.
eating that stuff leads to brain rot.

Heh! Welcome judi! My niece made a point to let him know that it was not HERS!!! (yes, my sister is not well).

OH yeah...SuzyQ was also there buying some wine...the lush!

Dave needs some explosives, stat!

I prefer judi's spelling of 'tofurkey,' yet the packet Dave is holding up has 'tofurky.' I'm sure that's why Dave is so quizzical.

Spellcheck on aisle 12!

Good catch, Dave.

Ahhh, tofurkey. The bologna of tofu treats.

Seriously Dave, the correct way to handle tofurkey is to throw it on the floor and jump up and down on it repeatedly while screaming, "Die!! Die!! Die you deamon from hell!!" Then sue your employer for improper termination.

speaking of spellchecks *blush*

Every way you spell tofuhrkey is the wrong way!

Tofurkey is tofu turkey. Tofurky™ is a brand name of apparently kosher tofurkey.

My tofurkey has a first name
It's S-U-C-K-Y
My tofurkey has a second name
It's Y-U-C-K-Y
Oh, I tried to eat it up one day
And if you ask me why, I'll saaaaay...

'Cause Sucky Yucky Tofurkey was in
my Lunch From Hell that day!

Siouxie, you know what this means? You didn't buy tofurkey. You bought tofurky, which is fake faux turkey! Oh, the humiliation you must be feeling right now.

*lights Febreze candle for Cat R*

Hey, it could be worse. It could be Tofurducken.

LOL Cat!! good one.

Hmm..Annie?? wasn't me. Besides, let my sister eat that crap...there's always one in every family.

Who's that terrorist looking dude lurking behind Dave?

He looks like he might have a concealed weapon of some kind!

That shirt ... did Dave get a new job? Is he shilling for the faux food store where he shops so he gets free faux food or is it all a HUGE co-incidence that his shirt matches his hand-bag? The pubic need to know. or not.

Thank goodness. I could never be friends with a Tofurkian.

Would this be a bad time to bring up that some guy was in Aisle 12 talking about setting up a perimeter?

Are you ready to order, Sir? Will you be having the Surf & Turf, or Tofurky a la Barf?

ahhhhhhhhhh!! that's my mom's tofurkey!!!! hahahaha :)

ahhhhhhhhh that's my niece!!! Hi Dani!!!

*quickly skims past Freudian slip in JECbck's post...*

mary, get yer Sharpie™ out. Just in case.

yours not to reason why, dave...

Steve, I'm sure he was referring to Publix. I believe Helen Chasin, the esteemed poetess from Yale, is bagging over there.

Hi, Dani - nice to meet Tofurkian kin.

Sio, tell your Sis that if she wants to eat that, she needn't get it from the store; there's plenty of seaweed available in all those canals down there. In fact, there's probably a canal right next to the office, as there is that freakin' moat that surrounds your house and blocks all access by roads!

Oops, I got my disgusting Japanese foods wrong. Tofu is soybean curd; Konbu is the cr@p made from seaweed!

Ah, CJ, now you got me hankerin' for seaweed crap!

Hey, Sioux! Just sent my pics in to judi. Some of them came out crappy, but not as crappy as that Tofurkey from Hell. I did get a cute couple of Dave sharing getting packing tips from the bag boy.

Also, yay and snork @ Cat!

Do they make Tofucken?

Marg, is that some kind of kinky foot fetish?

Know what they say, you don't buy Tofurky, you only rent it -- and then it bursts from your chest and goes after the cat.

Dav e's now working at Whole Foods? Wow - how the low have fallen.... Wait, that's not it, but at the moment, I can't recall exactly what it is... Never mind...Carry on, bloglits...

Cat---if it involves tofu, I guess it could be.
MartiniShark---too many martinis and gossip makes for a bad regurgitation.

Martini, I never knew THIS GUY was named Tofurky... (You learn SOOO much on this blog!!)

That's why I don't gossip, Marg. And what's this "too many" martinis you refer?

I agree. No such thing as too many martinis. I had a GREAT one the other night. A "Mexican dirty martini" - Ketel One vodka and the brine of jalapeno olives....shaken...not stirred. VERY MUCHO YUMMO!

Is that security in the background? Big, Hawaiian shirt to cover the firearm. No one gets out of here alive with Tofurky(trademark thingy). Save the world!

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