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September 26, 2008


It's the service.


(Thanks to Jollymon)


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I guess it's fortunate it broke down just AFTER landing...

And I'm pretty sure the control surfaces aren't designed for pushing the plane.

The Chinese astronauts may have to do the same thing.

which one got to make the jet noise?

I hope they have special flying skills when that happens in the sky. I bet the plane was made with too much lead.

"Attention passengers, this is your Captain speaking - You can now begin to PUSH! To the passengers on the left side of the plane - push faster and straighten up your wing!"

"Whaddya mean, 'Now, let's back it up a bit'?"

"The wheels on the Airbus go 'Boeing, Boeing, Boeing!'"

"Guy! Instead of pointing the way, get back here and PUSH!"

If I was stuck on the runway, I'd get out and push too.

The guy in the red shirt is saying "I'd love to help you guys, but, you know, I have this bad back and all".

That does not look like the 69 passengers and 7 crew mentioned in the article.

69 passengers and crew...I see about 20 guys pushing. Are the other 49+ on break?

"If I was stuck on the runway, I'd get out and push too."

I'd get out and walk and let them push their own damn plane.

I'll be sitting in First Class, sipping my champage and nibbling on warm nuts if you need me.

"Just a little Mao and we got it..."

I pursh prane and aw you give me is trair mix?!? I wan another bag! And reave the rest of coke!

"First, the good news: we're serving everyone extra beans.

Now, the bad news..."

* checking the fine print on his Super Saver ticket *

Fortunately the pilot kept the plane from running into the terminal by keeping his foot on the brake the whole time.

Since they were walking, that disqualifies their frequent flier miles.

There goes their chance at the "mile-high club".

Oops...gate change!

Guys, tell me if I'm wrong, but the reason there are not 69 people out there is that all the women are in the background saying, "A little to the left... No, right... OK, back to the left..."

You do like to live dangerously, don't you, Frod?

Sco, Siouxie does, mostly, keep me in line...

"The Captain has turned on the unfasten your seatbelt and get your ass out and push sign."

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