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September 26, 2008


(Thanks to queensbee)


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Hit, then slapped. Idaho is getting pretty violent.

Yesterday in Chicago's Loop, a group of Amish got caught in an unfortunate combination of walking too slowly, having too large of a group, street construction and a really clueless traffic aid.

The group's leader didn't realize that the last third of his group, mostly the moms with the youngest children, were being ordered to stop so the traffic could negotiate the intersection. A few of the pedestrians intervened, standing in front of the cars that might not have been paying attention so the group could cross unhindered.

A few of us English made eye contact and made sure that the group made it across the next intersection before the leader realized that although he was the shepherd of his flock, the sheepdogs were intervening. He gathered up his group, reorganized them a bit, and completed the trek back to Union Station without English assistance.

I have never seen a jaywalking ticket issued in Chicago, but I just didn't want to see a tragic headline on the front page of the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times.

Rule # 4720483: Never jaywalk after being hit by a motor vehicle.

Good job, NMUA.

I see it from both sides but clueless drivers (GNFARB?) are a lot more dangerous than jaywalkers.

NMUA - wonder what they were doing in the loop? I'm used to seeing them everywhere because I'm from Lancaster County, PA. But you don't usually run into a herd of them away from their natural habitat. Most of them are woefully unprepared for the English world. Thanks to all of you that helped to keep them from the endangered species list.

Officials said the section Balah tried crossing is not a designated walkway and pedestrians are not permitted to cross.

no kidding. that wasn't a stray vehicle, it was the enforcer.

WW and Jeff --
The Amish transit through Chicago's Union Station on their way to other places. This was the largest group I had seen outside the Amtrak realm, but I have seen family units venture out with maps to see some of the typical touristy things.

Hizzoner II sort of decreed that tourists will be taken care of by the regulars. When schoolkids are walking on a field trip, a family unit with bags from the American Girl Doll store or something similar, the rules change. Hard charging pedestrians racing to catch trains slow down and stop as necessary to make sure that everyone gets where they need to be.

For all of Chicago's quirks, one of the more amazing is that a tourist can only get lost for thirty seconds before being offered directions. If they can point on the map in their language, they get directions by mime if necessary.

A few years back, one bedraggled Amish family encountered the down escalators -- the only way to get to the train that was leaving in a few minutes. A couple of us held up the English from going on while one went to the bottom to hit the "stop" button on the escalator. People made sure that the family with young kids got to where they needed to be safely (including carrying bags), restarted the escalator, and resumed their hustle and bustle.

A few weeks later, I saw one of the elders trying out the escalator with a child. Apparently the decree went out that going up and down an escalator was "ordinary" -- at least at Union Station. I don't know if the leaders realize that part of the ordinary for the English is that the rules are a bit different in Chicago.

Maybe it is because so many are so close to being immigrants that we realize that somebody not so far removed needed some slack. We're just paying back the favor.

WTFBBQ is a "passenger truck?"

Well said, NMUA. You made me smile.

It's nice to know that there is now a legal precedent for MOWING DOWN STOOPID JAYWALKERS... It is a defense that will be used frequently here in the Denver Metro area... That is all, that is all... Nothing to see here, move along, move along...

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