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September 23, 2008


We may have blogged this already. But it is important.

(Thanks to David Perloff)


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Wow, I want one of the PEZs that comes from that giant dispenser.

I have never understood the appeal of Pez.

Love the American Chopper set.

How many Bay area schools will have educational field trips to this museum?

Joan Rivers should be their spokesperson. After all that surgery, she looks like a human Pez dispenser.

Of course they put it in the bustling city of Burlingame!

Is it true that eBay started as a site for trading Pez dispensers?

Dat's wot somebody told to me.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm pezzzzzzzzzzz

Fez memorabilia, now THAT would be interesting.

Speaking as an actual resident of Burlingame, I can tell you that both of my daughters went there for field trips during summer camp. During school, their killjoy teachers insisted on field trips to the Tech Museum and to Mission Santa Clara. Sheesh.

*sniff* Jerry Seinfeld would be so proud...

road trip!!

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